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Me n Hawley

Miss Hawly, as she is known, has been in Nepal since the 60's recording all of the activities of the climbers here in the Himalayas. OMG OMG OMG OMG I met her!


Really cool gifto. Was this taken pre-trip or after your heli ride?

today. after heli and poison.

I was thinking that ya look well so that is why I was suspecting that it may have been pre-trip based on your recent ordeal with some nasty grub.

I take it from the smile on your face you are feeling much better?

Giftof how did you comebye meeting Miss Hawley? Whats the backstory on your meeting..


Very cool, Gift! I still have to read through all your blog updates, as I've barely had time to get online and check things real quick lately. So glad you are on the mend!

Cool, if you can, tell us more!

Mike G.

I was sitting in the Lobby at the Yak and Yeti waiting for my Mountain Madness contact to come. We had some more insurance work to do to get my $8,500.00copter ride taken care of. AND I was awaiting the arrival of the other trekkers in from Lukla now. In came a Sherpa man with this timy lady on his arm. I thought.........naw. Sagar, my Mountain Madness Nepal guy smiled and went to tell her hello. As he was getting up I said "Is that....." he filled in "Miss Hawley." I asked if I could meet her and went over and she was pleasant. She asked where I was from and I said Nevada and she said, well, that's alright. and smiled. She was here to speak to some Japaneses folks that were standing beaming ear to ear a few feet away. I sat back down and thought, now that is like meeting massive Everest History all in one small package. Later, I was in a book shop in Thamel and got the book written about her years ago. If I see her here again I will see if she will sign it. None the less, It is my Katmandu memento, getting the book here and meeting her all in one morning!

August 11, 2020
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