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A short video (pics & clips) of a couple trips I did in April.

This is a short compilation of photos and video clips I have been practicing with on the video editor. I thought I would share them.

I was able to get within 100' of a medium size Alligator before it slid off into a pond, I also got some footage of a nice sized Snapping Turtle.

A photo of the great Piliated Woodpecker still eludes me, but I got a short audio clip of one pounding a tree down by the pond while I got dressed in my tent.

The audio is a bit low but I have someone helping me with the audio editor tools for future videos.

Mike G.

I forgot to mention that one of the photos at the beginning is of a black colored Weevil ( I think) sitting on a leaf by a tree. I've researched it enough to know there are several species in my area like the Boll Weevil, Pecan Weevil, Rice Weevil, and a couple more I can't remember.

If anyone can tell me more about them, or what kind it is, that would be great.

Mike G.

Pretty cool. I am a novice at the whole video thing so I can't do much to help ya on the audio. I could hear it fine though.

I liked the vid and photos. Nice job.

Oh, btw...

Mr. Happy Pants sends a "howdy" to his down south brethren.


Thanks for sharing.

Well done Mike!

I could also hear the audio fine. I like the mixture of pics and video. Well done.

Nice Video , Trout. The relaxed pace and curiosity are quite enjoyable. 

I wish WE had aligators here, thats too cool!




August 3, 2020
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