Day hike up to Glendale Bench

6:20 p.m. on November 11, 2013 (EST)
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I went to the top of Glendale Bench and then instead of going around Red Hollow I decided to hike north along the edge of the bench and came down thru the town of Glendale. I left the highway this morning at 9 am and it took me over an hour to climb the steep road to the radio tower and another 30 minutes to get to the top of the bench. I could see long valley from Glendale to Mt Carmel and all the way west to the top of the East Temple above Zion. To the north I could see the Sunset Cliffs which are in the same sandstone formation that Bryce is in and they look similar with Hoodoo's. It was a brushy hike thru Manzanita,scrub oak and pines. I tried to come down Stewart Hollow which is a couple miles above Orderville but came down to a 20 foot drop in the cliff so I had to back track and get back up on the other side of Stewart Hollow to the north and followed the rim for a ways till I came to upper Spring Hollow and went around it to the east, its a longer canyon and I had to go about two miles before getting to the head of the hollow and crossing to the north side. I decided not to go back west to the rim of the bench and stayed straight as possible heading towards the Glendale Road that led down to highway 89 at Glendale. I walked thru Glendale then at the south end of town started hitchhiking and caught a ride to where I live with a guy from Kanab.

This is the map of my route. The zigzag black line to the east of Orderville on the map below is where I started from the highway and walked up the steep 4X4 road to the radio towers. Then I followed a big hornsheep/mule deer trail up and around the small un-named canyon and made it to the bech top. The next canyon NE is Stewart Hollow and this is the one i tried to come down only to get cliffed above a 20 foot drop off. Spring Hollow is the next one north and even tho I saw animal tracks leading down at many places I did not attempt another down canyon hike.

At the head of Spring Hollow I came to a dirt road and followed i to the Glendale Road and came down to the highway.


Later after I load and edit the photos I took today I will add them in. Glendale bench is about 1000 feet higher than where I live just northeast of Ordervills Utah in the lower left area. I think I walked about 10 miles today. Its November 11th but was a bright sunny day in the high 60's.



7:22 p.m. on November 13, 2013 (EST)
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These are the pictures I took along the Glendale bench Monday;


Looking back down the steep 4x4 road into Long Valley


A little higher view into Long Valley behind me


The Pink Cliffs also called the Sunset Cliffs to the north with Long Valley below. The cliffs are in the same formation as Bryce Canyon NP.


Looking down into Red Hollow (where I hiked last week). The White Cliffs layer can be seen here.


Looking down on the town of Orderville, the small part Mormon community of 500 people with highway 89 running thru the middle. Looking west.


Another view of Orderville with the West Temple above Zion Canyon on the left horizon 20 miles away shining in the mid morning sun.


Another view of the Mouth of Red Hollow


The radio tower and the West Temple in distance, I am now on the game trail


Gardner Hollow above Orderville lays in the center leading back into the Table Bench country NW 


Edge of the White Cliffs, Long Valley and the Sunset Cliffs on horizon


Creek tree lined grass land lines Long Valley below, pasture and hay growing fields


The West Temple view and the edge of Glendale Bench


An old twisted Juniper tree branch still holds against the sky.


The game trail goes thru the brush and trees in this picture towards the tall Ponderosa Pines near the center of the picture. I often follow game trails because they are usually wide enough to hike after many years of use. This trail was about 1-2 feet wide and used by Big Horn Sheep, Mule Deer and Coyotes, Mountain Lions also.


Another view to the SW with Orderville and the West Temple


Sandstone bluffs just as I start coming to the top of the bench


A weathered bluff exposes the roots of a Juniper of the bluffs


Looking back along the bluffs I followed from the radio tower


Southwest view from Glendale Bench, the North Kaibab Plateau is on the horizon center which is also the North Rim of the Grand Canyon


Blue Sagebrush,red sand and green junipers,cedars and pinions and yucca's.


Small section of the Sunset Cliffs above the Table Bench lands NW of me


Odd pattern in sandstone slab.The slab was about 3 feet wide and long, the dips are about 2 inches wide. I have never seen such a fossilized form on sandstone before. In Stewart Creek Canyon where I cut down and across the upper drainage


Odd sandstone slab looking northeast in Stewart Creek Canyon


Ivy like vine along Stewart Creek Canyon in sandstone


Petrified sand dune exposed in Stewart Creek Canyon


Eroded sandstone with water marks in Stewart Creek Canyon


Now over north in Spring Hollow canyon, I tried to go down this canyon but got cliffed out at a 20 foot drop on a sandstone formation and turned back and went back to the top of the bench


Southwest view from edge of Spring Hollow, the West Temple visible still on left horizon. The high point near  center is Clear Creek Mountain.


Mormon Tea bush along upper Spring Hollow


The Pink Cliffs above upper Spring Hollow


View of Glendale Bench showing the area I hiked from right to left.

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