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A Walk in the Front Range

A conference in Boulder, Co gave me the perfect opportunity to go snowshoeing at 9,600'.

Why do I live in Illinois!?!??! (Rhetorical question. I already know why.)

Trailspace gets some promo time in this vid.

Anyone on TS live in this area?

Used to live in Denver. Hiked and mtn biked all over the central mountains. Never a dull moment.

Rob, I keep asking myself why I stay in Illinois! :)

Funny story when my dad drove out one year from NJ to visit. It was a cloudy sort of day and it was storming in the mountains. The lower foothills were visible and my dad asked, "are those the mountains?" pointing to the foothills. I laughed and said that the skies will clear and he will see the real mountains in the morning. My plan was to take him to Grand, CO which is close to the southern end of Rocky Mountain National Park. He woke the next morning to freshly snow capped peaks and was awed by it. He couldn't believe how big the mountains were compared to the foothills. We drove to Grand and he loved every minute of it.

September 23, 2021
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