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Trail Canyon --Mt. Charleston, NV.

img_6073.jpg?w=300It is two years and two pants sizes since I went to Everest. I am none to happy about how I am leaving the USA but it is what it is. Today, Maggie and I headed off to our final preparatory hike before our departure. It was a great morning. Cool yet comfortable. I have been battling some ankle swelling and have been a bit concerned about that. But today was all about that last effort on home soil.

I had not gotten much sleep. I tossed and turned as my pups, for some reason, were at each other all night. usually they simply sleep with the occasional alerting because something outside catches their attention. But this particular night was different. Lots of banter and territorial growling with he occasional rough necking. All.Night.Long! Morning came and I drug myself from

img_6079.jpg?w=225Dog Jail.

bed and noticed Jack the older of my dogs was not his usual cheerful self. He kept looking out in the loft as if he were watching a ghost. I walk out there and there it is. The oat bar he had drug up after having gotten in my trekking duffel bag and taken out my trail bars! So that was the answer to all the trouble!!! I went downstairs to find them strewn about, unopened. Mystery solved, but that didn't change the fact I was BEAT before we even began.

img_6041.jpg?w=225Spectacular scenery.

Maggie got to the house and we loaded up ol' Ace the Honda Pilot and set out for the trail-head. We yacked about the trip, how much packing we had to do, what tips we would have on hand for the porters and crew of Mountain Madness, are spa day at the end of the trip and other sundry topics as they randomly came to mind. Then we arrived at the trail-head and laced up our boots. We donned our packs and grabbed our poles and off we went.

Today's hike was Trail Canyon. It is a two mile hike up hill, rated very strenuous. You gain about 1500 feet over the course of the trail. Though Maggie and I both felt Rain Tree was more difficult. But ut was quiet....for the most part.....and nice and really a good way to finish our preparations for Machu Picchu.

img_6064.jpg?w=300I told Maggie to hike her hike and pretty soon she was far enough ahead of me that I didn't see her any nore. I made my way up trail in my own slow style, stopping to enjoy the surroundings and breathe in the fresh air of summer. The Aspen and Pine forest was filled with the sounds of birds and bugs and that was refreshing. Unfortunately there were a few groups of loud people that came through. One in particular was a gaggle of high school aged girls.

img_6054.jpg?w=225Back of the pack of hyena girls.

Maybe a dozen of them. None but a few even had water with them. But all the way up and down the trail they screamed as if they were being murdered just to hear the echo. Nobody leading them told them what bad trail etiquette it was to do that. The pushed passed and never said excuse me or thank you. Just hollering and yelping foolishly.

But they were not going to ruin a beautiful day of hiking for Maggie and Me.  We took in the day, thought about what was ahead of us and were both pretty happy with the day's work. After the hike, we drove up to the Charleston Lodge where Maggie treated me to lunch and conversation. img_6068.jpg?w=225I have found a real friend in Maggie. She is a great adventure partner and we can both enjoy our hikes without expecting the other to "hike my way".

img_6069.jpg?w=225A fine meal with a fine friend!

So that is it. Over a year of training in various ways and times to get ready for this big trek. My second, Maggie's first. The journey has been great. Ups downs ins outs. All part of the big thing called life and we are finding in our 50's there is much of it to be lived.

And now, a few more pictures of that final hike:



img_6077.jpg?w=300   img_6076.jpg?w=300




Great pics! Its nice to have a friend to share that with. Are you feeling prepared for your big trek?

The good parts of southern Nevada.

TJ1984 I am feeling pretty good. Just disappointed in myself for my weight but nothing to do about that now. Will just muscle through the hard parts, enjoy the view and take great pix!!!

ppine...yes, many people are unaware of the real beauty of the greater Las Vegas area.

Very cool Karen.  I love Fireflight.

Never have been to Nevada, so if someone would show me those pictures and had me guess what state they are from, it would have taken me quite awhile to guess Nevada. Surprisingly beautiful scenery! Thanks for sharing.

Best wishes in Peru. Looking forward to seeing the photos.

Thanks for sharing this, Karen.

That's great that you've found a friend you love to hike and explore with. Have an amazing time on your trek together.

August 14, 2020
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