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Patman's blog- recent summer weekends

Whew it's been hot around here! Higher altitude helps a little but we can only go up to 6500 feet here in the eastern US; still worth trying!

For those interested in trip reports and such things here is a video compilation of clips that represents about 5 of the last 7 trips :

And here are some favorites stills from these trips:

June 26-28 Citico TN:


T-Rex bone tree





Tellico Plains TN



Susan getting set on the Whigg Meadow in NC Benton MacKaye Trail




Ultralight-whatever....bring what you want.



GSMNP July 2-5

Real Charlie's Bunion View  / Appalachian Trail spur




Plane part? False Gap Prong headwaters


I met these super nice guys at Laurel Gap and asked them if they ever backpacked in their native India. They don't...I asked why and the answer is: Tigers! Tigers are apparently a big problem over there.




Balsam Mountain bears like to keep their claws sharp.


Bald River State-Line Loop July 10-12

Tipi Walter, Rainman, and Randy of the Redwoods on the State-Line ridge "trail". (it's not really a trail yet but hopes to be at some point)

Brookshire Creek trail has raccoons



Tipi, Rainman, Randy, Patman at horse camp on the Brookshire


Wolf laurel, Hangover mtn July 17-19

Tipi Walter on Hangover mtn




Hangover sunset

Susan on Haoe Peak on a misty morning

Slickrock Loop Aug 7-9

Slickrock Valley


just a sign I like



just a fern covered tree I like


Happy Trails friends!

Looks incredible Patrick, I'm trying like a devil to get down your way for a trip!

Thank you for sharing!!!


Now I've seen it all, ha ha ha, the full shrimp ring is amazing! This is gonna set the UL'ers into a full on rage. I'm expecting picketing and riots outside your house. 

My favourite real food to carry into the backcountry is steak. If it's fully frozen it'll last a night, two if it's in a soft sided cooler, and there's just something about steak over a campfire that says Victory!

Sean, the invitation for you and your beard still stands. Just let me know!


Thanks John!


lol, Jake I didn't show it but I actually carried a cooler bag full of ice to that camp to keep the stuff cold. I will admit that I was really glad to dump that ice after eating the cold stuff though.

thanks for taking me along on more of your trips. I enjoy seeing your photos

Stunning photos. Thanks for sharing. 

I suspect if I lived near wild tigers, I wouldn't be hiking much either.

Great video.  At minute 3:01 you have it marked "Hangover Lead North" but I believe it's Hangover Lead South??

The reason I wonder is because you're going thru a blowdown right above Big Fat Gap which I may have cleared (there were two of them actually---this one is the first and the other was a locust tree on the switchbacks right above the gap)---


Hey thanks Tipi!

No it was North. I didn't take any video of HLSouth except for the overlook. (too sweaty and zoned out by then) ...there is a twin blowdown I guess.

Last Friday I started from Cheoah Dam at dusk and took 42 to Ike Branch, Yellow Hammer and went up HL North; camped at pretty much the only spot you can camp on that most remote and little used of trails:


Saturday was a monster: finished HL North to Big Fat, detoured for water down to the Windy Gap spring (farther than I remembered), back to Big Fat, then took HL South to Saddle Tree Gap (stopped to admire the new correct trail signs), then across to Bob mtn, took 54A hell-trail to Cherry Log gap, then Fodderstack to Big Stack trail, camped at the spot at the junction of 42 and 139. great deepish pool there to sheep-dip. I was guessing that route at 14-16 hard you know?


Sunday took 42 back out to Cheoah.


more notes: Fodderstack from Cherry Log Gap to North Fork 98 has been cleared like a road! it was 10 feet wide! horsemen you reckon?

another note:

on one of the big mossy rock ledge crossings (not the narrow shelf- before tat) I got hammered by either three hornets or one fast hornet ..not sure which but they lit me up...back leg above the ankle, right shoulder blade and right forearm ....pow that hurt!

Great photos and as usual I am jealous of the number of trips you squeezed in this summer. The photo of the first nights meal has given me some inspiration for an upcoming trip with my wife....thanks.

Patman---When you say "Fodderstack from Cherry Log Gap to North Fork 98", well, Cherry LG is the start of the North Fork trail.

Are you talking about Trail 149 to the North Fork?  Or from Cherry LG down the North Fork? Or from Cherry LG to Crowders?

Which trail were you on when you got nailed by hornets?  Slickrock Creek?  If so, this trail is loaded with yellow jackets this time of year.

Patman said

Whew it's been hot around here! Higher altitude helps a little but we can only go up to 6500 feet here in the eastern US; still worth trying!

I'd like to suggest some place to you but looks to me like you guys got it going on already! man those pic and places look great. I'm definitely envious.

If you haven't done them already I car camped with a couple of buddies this past weekend at Lake Conasauga above Ellijay, Ga.(wonderful swimming hole close to the summit of Grassy Mountain at about 3100 ft) 58deg at night cool all day didn't even put tarp over hammock some great trails there Cahutta Panther Creek Trail (took sister and niece on this one 5 year back saw a bear and temp was 84 deg that time 104 back home in Augusta also you get a waterfall to yourself for the night most times about 80ft) and Jacks River Trail not that you would wanna try any where else as what you just showed us rocks big time . that's a group of awesome places your hanging out at.


Looks like some good trips.

I like the "ultralight" meal.  Why didn't you bring something like that when we went?

The Panther Creek Trail in Cohutta is a real bear of a trail as it has a rocky climb paralleling the falls which is tough.

This is the steep climb in the rocks of Panther Creek.

This is at the top of the climb above the falls.



huh, I always thought Cherry Log Gap was where the 54A trail meets 95- isn't that the spot you call snow camp with the wide flat spots? That's what I was referring to- from there to 98 is the cleared section. Yes it was on Slick rock that I got fired up with stings.



lol, yeah the route you and I did was not one to carry ice on!


thanks John...good to know! that is little farther south than I usually can squeeze into a weekend but it's on the radar

That was awesome!  Thanks so much for sharing.. 

Patman---Alot of people think Snow Camp is Cherry Log Gap but it's actually at the North Fork trailpost in another gap.

I got a trip in August coming up and I dread the yellow jacket nests I'll encounter.  I'll probably get swarmed by hornets and they will force me in a run down the trail and I'll stumble over a pissed off rattlesnake and get bit and then have a piece of peanut butter fat simultaneously clog up a main heart artery ETC. 

thanks go slo!

Tipi, ah ok yeah I always forget which gap is which....I haven't taken a map out there for a long time now.

Maybe it was yellow jackets...I never saw what hit me.

I wish I could join you in the Snow birds especially since Kings Meadow was supposedly cleared. I'll only have one more weekend to train before Glacier so I'll probably hit Mt Sterling in GSMNP to take advantage of the big climb..


have fun!

Yeah, I wasn't sure of your exact dates for Glacier SO HAVE FUN BUT ONLY IN A CLOCKWISE DIRECTION!! (Thanks to Ed Abbey for the thought).

Let us know about your trip of course.

The Panther Creek Trail in Cohutta is a real bear of a trail as it has a rocky climb paralleling the falls which is tough.

yup..... it starts out kinda tame after the water crossing, and then it just gets to be a bear... however, one is rewarded heavily at the top.........

I wish I could join you in the Snow birds especially since Kings Meadow was supposedly cleared. 

i know you've heard me tell ya---but ill say it again----i think you'll really dig the kings meadow trail, patman........after you get outta the dirt road miles, it becomes a very enjoyable trail......

and with your high mileage routes, you could do that as a loop of hitting snowbird creek trail up to mitchell lick and out the skyway.....

especially since you know the mitchell lick area now (unlike me when i done got lost)......

Tipi Walter said:

The Panther Creek Trail in Cohutta is a real bear of a trail as it has a rocky climb paralleling the falls which is tough..

This is at the top of the climb above the falls.

I'd have thought this too tame a trail for you any place you cats aint been? lol. Ive wanted to park at this spot 20yards off to the side of the falls a couple of time but figured sure as I did the scouts would come in that day an decide to piss off the top so how'd it go for you. I think your trails are tougher with the double altitude heck in Ga. black rock mountain with all its switch backs and FDR's pine mountain trail with all that damn pea gravel are much worse than panther creek even though they are much better maintained and more like walking paths.  

October 24, 2020
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