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18 Days on Snowbird Creek

I pulled this trip in August 2015 and might as well share it here on Trailspace.

Location:  Snowbird Wilderness, North Carolina.

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A trip always begins with a map.

I start my trip at Big Junction and follow Snowbird Creek Trail 64 down the mountain to the creek and set up camp in this redneck-trashed site full of their crap.  It's all moved out of camp and put in a neat pile.

On Day 3 I head down Snowbird Creek and run into this group from Ohio State doing a several-day trip.

There are two choices on the Snowbird Creek trail:  North detour or South with its 12 crossings.  I head down to Middle Falls to camp and the next day take 64 Alternate (north).

Hanging out at Middle Falls, one of three big falls on Snowbird Creek.

Below Middle Falls comes this new footbridge in Mouse Knob Camp.

On Day 7 I reach the near bottom of the Snowbird Creek trail and take Sassafras Creek trail up to this jct with the Burntrock Ridge trail, a nice way to loop back to Middle Falls and return up the mountain.

After pulling Burntrock Ridge I climb back up Snowbird Creek and take Trail 154 to its end here with the Kings Meadow trail.

After spending a couple days on Trail 154 I re-climb Snowbird Creek to Mitchell Lick and after a couple hours of searching find the elusive Snowbird Mt trail #415---with these faded green blazes.

Day 12 is a big day of hiking as I leave Mitchell Lick and climb up and over Haw Mt and pop out on Whiggs Meadow at 5,000 feet.

On Day 14 I leave the Whigg and in 7 miles connect to Four Mile Ridge and have a surprise meetup with Patman the Mighty Patrick as he had to cancel his Glacier trip so we hiked together to Hangover Mt.

While backpacking on Four Mile Ridge Patman and I run into 4 hard-core backpackers, all AT and PCT thruhikers.

Patman and I leave Bob Mt.

Patman leaves and I hike down to Jeffrey Hell trail and come out on my last day of the trip.

Really cool!

Thanks for the story and photos, a good read as always!!

That Snowbird map cover image hasn't changed in years I don't think, mine looks just like yours.

I never did the whole trail when I was there, but it was a really neat area I thought

I'm glad you got to meet up with Patman, it's always nice to run into a friend on the trail.

I enjoyed reading the report Tipi!

Thanks for the input.  Patman the Mighty Patmananda is currently in Colorado as we speak and I think pulling a backpacking trip in the Weminuche wilderness.  Awaiting his trip report!


Eighteen days anywhere is enough to improve most people's outlook.

You photos remind me of all those beautiful creeks, swimming holes and falls in places like NC and Virginia.

I have packed mules in the Weminuche several times in summer and fall. I love to see the elk and fur bearing animals in there. The weather can be challenging with a lot of rain and lightning in summer, and snow that comes early. At 10,000 feet it can be below zero at night by late October. It is a wonderful place. Work around the hunters, because they can fill up the space in the fall.

Always enjoy your reports Tipi. I haven't been to that area since I lived in north GA in the late 80s. Must put it on the list for a future trip. Thanks.

Very nice, as always, Tipi.

I also enjoy seeing your fellow Trailspace friends like Patman in your pictures (and vice versa).

September 25, 2020
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