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Photos from a perilous 464 day journey across the frozen Arctic Ocean

Thanks Gary. The article is magnificent. Old school Arctic travel.

I first read Wally Herbert's books in the 1970's; he really inspired me to get out there and see for myself what others only dreamed about. Unfortunately, he wasn't as well known as some other Arctic travelers and his accomplishments have passed with little fanfare. This was due in part because he got himself embroiled in the Peary Controversy. He was obviously on the "nay" side.

In 2007 I met an Englishman about to kayak the North West Passage. He told me that Wally Herbert had just passed away that year.

Another relatively unknown was the Weber/Malakhov unsupported ski expedition to the North Pole and back. This trip started in February and took 108 days. Unlike Wally Herbert, who used dogs and was supported by Military air drops, the Weber/Malakhov journey was by ski and completely unsupported. 

Thanks again Gary; the photos are great.

I read about every Arctic explorer I could find when I was about 10-13 years old. In high school we played against another school called the Peary Huskies.

In college I had a professor whose specialty was soil formation in the Arctic in periglacial environments. My first choice for a major at U of Washington was glaciology. There are about five jobs a year available so I chose forestry instead.


August 11, 2020
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