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A Day Out With My Son

My son wanted to spend the day with me in the mountains on Tuesday before departing for Israel this morning for six weeks of archaeology work. So we went to the Shenandoah National Park, specifically to Calvary Rock and Chimney Rock on the Rip Rap Trail. 

It was the maiden voyage for my new bamboo stick which my son had previously cured and had recently given me. As I age I'm finding I often need that third leg in the mountains.


Beautiful day for it.

Calvary Rock with Shenandoah Valley and Allegheny Mountains in the background.

Chimney Rock


Nice Bill...Nice way to celebrate and make some memories before he goes...I am planning a trip in 2 years to Isreal....

His third time to Israel.  Perhaps his last.

nice pics Bill , thanks for showing them

Like your pictures. Thank you for taking the time to put them up. Must have been a great day.

beautiful pictures, beautiful area

Nice pictures, Bill.

It's great that you and your son get to spend time together outdoors. I hope he has a great trip to Israel.

September 20, 2020
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