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The San Francisco Peaks and Flagstaff


I shot this at 7 am on July 1st of the San Francisco Peaks (L) and Mt Elden (R). The piles i the foreground are of saw dust at a local saw mill. Thought they sorta blend into the image. The peaks top out at 12,633 feet beneath the clouds on the horizon. Mt Elden is 9299 feet high and 2400 feet higher than Flagstaff.

This is the Weatherford Hotel where I work as a Prep cook and dishwasher. Shot this at sunrise yesterday morning.

Great places. When I was younger I carved a girl's initials in an aspen tree "up in the Peaks."

That area is spectacular.  I hiked into the Inner Basin while I was there right as the aspens were showing their peak colors.  Loved it.

December 1, 2020
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