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A Day in the Woods Beats a Day in the Office

Spent yesterday along Quantico Creek to refresh the spirit.



My favorite outdoors buddies, my son, Zachary, and his adventure dog, Tzofi.

True that Bill..Anyday outside beats a computer screen..LOL I have to put this on my list and get out there and check it out...

I have frequent mental health days in the woods in pretty much every month of the year.  I slept outside last night in the back yard for the same reason.  The coyotes started at about 5am. They were so loud I shined a light at them to get them shut up.

Sometimes people forget to take advantage of all of the wildness around them. I little patch of woods, a local mountain range, a walk along a creek.

I'm with you on that...don't have much time this weekend but stI'll going to hop out to a local wilderness and get a night or two in. I need more vacation time! 

October 1, 2020
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