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Silverton Colorado

I am in my room at the hostel here in Silverton. Its a cool 47 degrees in town and not much warmer here in my room. No room heater! Going to be a cold night low is going to be around 30.The train arrived in Silverton around 12:30 this afternoon, I found the hostel and checked in, I am the only one here this time of year. They said it doesn't start getting busy until Memorial Day weekend. So I have to hostel to myself besides the owners.After I checked into the hostel, I walked around town then up onto a old miners road leading to some of the mines on the hillside above town. Took lots of pictures of the town from above.Took many images on the train coming in today. Here are some of them.18342457_1241790709268608_79408638036827
Me, on the train this morning May 7th18300928_1241678272613185_63606180734017
Like a view of Switzerland, SE Silverton18402819_1241677969279882_66463265949575
SW Silverton looking towards Animas Canyon the way the train came in.18274815_1241677582613254_87182048473925
Central Silverton looking up at Kendall Mountain 13,065', that's 3760 feet higher than Silverton.18301169_1241677235946622_66359933655944
Photo shop, downtown Silverton and a Penny Farthing bicycle18403141_1241676852613327_64771912842532
The steam locomotive I came in on, the orange passenger cars tothe rear. Taken about 12:45 pm18342756_1241676549280024_73112499277296
Pulling into Silverton18301229_1241676322613380_62438654620027
Water tank along railway18341764_1241675915946754_45193515215467
Blowing off water vapor in Animas Canyon18275142_1241675412613471_69573765001381
Approaching Animas canyon cliffs, Animas River below18301193_1241675659280113_47572151349368
Old wooden box cars along siding slowing rotting awayAlso saw a Big Foot fellow walking along the way, just south of Silverton. (yes! someone dressed as it)I am staying till tomorrow afternoon when the train departs for Durango at 2:20 pm. I will see more of downtown tomorrow.Gary

That place is so friggin' cool!

Back in my corporate days we had a company trip to Beaver Creek that included a bus ride to Silverton. The views from the road were amazing, but I'm betting the train was even better. Glad you are enjoying your migration even if you aren't on the bike Gary!

Took these on the way back from Silverton18342437_1243091349138544_79222688767830
Train pulls into Silverton at noon Monday18423913_1243091542471858_76398107880240
View of Animas River from train18403312_1243091725805173_17656031574452
Crossing a trestle over the river18425149_1243091982471814_54995721083381
Wild flower vine and close walls18342328_1243092102471802_46129298675733
More close canyon sides18341768_1243092215805124_76990956818503
Coming on waterfall18342777_1243070045807341_89376787999677
Next to it18402757_1243061455808200_41115073551310
The Needles District of the central San Juan Mountains from Silverton 

It was a great trip! I recommend the train trip to anyone seeking adventure. 
Was too early for much wildlife, saw a hen turkey yesterday on the way back from Silverton, saw Meadowlarks, Robins and Ravens. Walked along the Animas River in eastern to western Silverton yesterday. The day before I walked up a short way up a mountain on the north side of Silverton to take better pictures of the town and surrounding mountains. Did a little window shopping as well both days. 

The Mountains are calling, and I must go...John Muir

It is an amazing place. The road to get there is not for the faint of heart. I have not ridden the train but have always wanted to. The White Pass and Yukon is a pretty great RR and the only one that is maybe in the same league with the one you were on.

I bought a season pass for the train, so I can ride any day from now to the end of December. Plan to ride a couple times a month to see it in different weather moments.

It was 45 degrees there in Silverton on Sunday when I arrived and later in the evening it sleeted. 

It was cold and raining when we left town yesterday 47 degrees. By the time we rolled back into Durango it was in the 60s and sunny again.

Same weather in Nevada until the last two days. We are still getting snow in the mountains all around the valley.

August 12, 2020
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