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Trips pics to share for fun

Hello friends,

Here are some snippets from the last six outings. I go out nearly every weekend so sometimes this a bit like blogging your exercise routine (and the frequency of short trips makes me not inclined to write detailed reports) , but I still enjoy sharing and discussing the activity and experiences. :)

May 05-07, GSMNP Twenty Mile- Gregory Loop

Ode to Phil: from his breakfast thread I stole his meal idea of grits and turkey bacon!

At the first hint of sunlight I stopped and dried out all the wet stuff from the torrential rain of the prior evening. Sure enough, the 30 minutes of sun were the only ones I had that day. Good call.

May 12-13 Baxter Creek, MT Sterling

They installed solar panels on top MT Sterling to power the park radio transmitter. It's definitely more "green" than the old power line that ran up there but something is making a high pitched whine that IMO has ruined the tranquility of the camp site. Dang it. 

May 19-22 Welch Ridge Area

A favorite Silars bald area tent spot


And a favorite Double Spring camp site in a balsam grove (smells fantastic).

May 26-28 Shining Rock NC

I had done all the west side trail and crest but decided to do all the East side trails in two days if possible. The best route I could come up with was almost a concentric circle but was really an outer loop and inner loop that turned out to be 46 miles in two days! fun but hard....

My camp on Shining Rock mountain near the summit.

The "shining rock" namesake is actually a large quartz vein. making a fire ring with it seems wrong and a redneck thing to do. yuk

Here I've climbed up a column of the main vein for sunset.

Someone stole the Art Loeb plaque from Tenet Mountain. Why would you steal such a thing?

June 2-4 GSMNP East loop

Sunset from Mt Cammerer Fire tower

More of the same

June 9-11 Slickrock NC

View from Hangover Mtn

yes I brought a watermelon for fun and to test a new pack I was trying out

sharing it with a friend

this guy

ever see a 66 year old crawl under a blowdown with an 80 lbs pound pack? tough stuff

if interested you're welcome to browse my full years trip photos here (but no reports there either, only photos)


I am less than 48 hours to launch so already primed but these pics fired me up Pat! If I can't be out there the next best thing is looking at pics from out there. Falling behind on posting myself so I'm glad you are doing you part :)

Patrick, thanks for posting your trips. It helps me get my fix since there isn't anywhere near me to go  backpacking. 

hey thanks guys, LS, i get it man


wow, sorry to hear that, that's gotta be tough 

Wow! If I have your Shining Rock trip right that is a tough weekend with some steep trails! And 46 miles...

Tenet Mtn is way too close to the Balsam parking lot...hope they got harassed by a bear!

Haha, yes it was Phil. I had not walked a step of any of those east side trails yet and so I started from The East Fork trailhead on 276 and went up the main connector to the split of Shining Creek Trail and Old Butt Knob trail and took Old Butt to the peak of Shining Rock and did some crazy patterns to trace out all the trails, including walking the length of a trail just to tag the end and return. I got a really great scout-out of the area now which will help with future trips.

I picked up quite a few miles in mistakes truthfully. As you know, there are few signs out there due to wilderness regs, but beyond that, the Trail Illustrated 780 map is really confusing at the junction of Grassy Cove trail and Bridges Camp Gap trail/ Big East Fork trail. That area messed me up and I went back and forth a few times to find the Grassy Cove trailhead which was on the other side of the East Fork. I also took a wrong turn on Grassy Cove near the top and popped out on Art Loeb unexpectedly. It was really a great exploratory outing; I'll be going back soon I think. 

cool pics Patrick. Sure helps those of us slaving away on the home front have something to look forward to. But no regrets here got to take Jeff's  his dad and brother to Lake Canasauga for a weekend of car camping and swimming and another weekend of kayaking just before his dad had another stroke. Plus made great progress on the house. 2nd bathroom is now ruffed in sheet rock and all plus a great weekend last completely stripped down laundry all the way to studs and floor and brought it all the way back so only thing left to do is mud and paint.

seeing your pics reminds me there is something better out there and it's time to sneak out for a weekend in the hills. Thanks for your posts. Keep them coming 

Good stuff and especially thankful for the Melon Hump as it was tasty.  As soon as I left Slickrock Creek I wanted to go back and get submerged.

What's the story with the Divide pack?  Keeping it?  Trying something else?  We need to know!!

Btw, my route finally got me out of the creek valley and over the Hangover and down the Deep Creek trail (it's literally Gone 2 miles down due to a mountain landslide from the November fires)---and then back up and over the Bob to South Fork trail where I got to see my old friend Jimmy sunning himself in Iron Camp---


Thanks Patman! I was thinking of reaching out the next time I find myself in your hills...then I learned you did two +20 days back-to-back...

I'm fairly certain quarts explodes rather readily when that was kind of "hold my beer" in more ways than one.

I cannot believe you did not put any hot-sauce in those grits...Cajun seasoning...are you sure you're southern? I'm going to pretend you put Parmesan in it and called it Polenta.

If I was that close to the ground with an 80lb pack I would just stay there.

Whoops just saw these posts..


No, I sent the Divide pack back while I still could. It wasn't bad at all and I might still try the Unaweep as a load-hauler when needed. But that "articulating frame" is not a motion I'm used to; it didn't feel unstable, but the movement was very noticeable with all the scrambling we had to do on those blow-down ridden trails. I'm also not used to handling a frame with external metal on it anymore and bruised myself in a couple spots with lazy handling of it. I could of course be more careful.


I've actually only a done a handful of days over 20 this's not the norm, and besides I can and do enjoy all kinds of trips!

lol, not a hot sauce at breakfast guy usually but I did heavily pepper it with two different kinds. :)

I usually add dried or fresh (depending on trip length) it that extra punch with some pepper.

I think I recognize Jimmy from Tipis post...or at least his cousin...I have a long standing truce with his family...I won't bite them if they don't bite me!

Pat great shots...Love the smiling one on the rock overlooking the valley.,,,Siracha brother does the body good...Lol

denis daly said:

Pat great shots...Love the smiling one on the rock overlooking the valley.,,,Siracha brother does the body good...Lol

Siracha in made in the San Gabriel Valley, part of suburban Los Angeles County.  I used to live in the area.  Complaining neighborhood residents currently are trying to sue the manufacturer, claiming the aroma emanating from the processing plant are having adverse impact on real estate values.  The thing is the processing plant has been in place before the 1980s, while most of the surrounding home owners obviously are relatively recent on the scene.  Seems they are attempting to use the smell and the courts as a pretense for a shakedown to get some easy money.  Why the case has not received a summary dismissal from the bench is baffling.


Ed...that's not the first or probably last time something like this has happened.

Way off this topic, but my favorite story in that line is a City I used to do business with determined they didn't need all the land they owned for future Landfill expansions so donated a portion for low income housing. Later on they tried to renew their permit and expand the Landfill according to plan but the new neighbors raised enough ruckus that the city decided to get out of the Landfill business costing every taxpayer more money! No good deed goes unpunished. Now back to the thread...

I like our local but cheap Texas Pete with breakfast...there are much better hot sauces but it's something about that one I am used to for a morning kick sometimes.

Ed I heard about that about a year ago when someone saw my bottle of hot sauce on a trail..Figures...Iam surprised havent heard more about it...

November 25, 2020
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