Back on the trail!

11:40 a.m. on June 17, 2017 (EDT)
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FINALLY!  After a couple of months of health issues and work commitments I got to sling a pack on my back.  My work schedule had me in Winston-Salem on a Friday afternoon and the better half had a busy weekend, so I threw the pack in the car and took off for the closest high ground to get out of the early summer heat...Grayson Highlands and Mt Rogers again.

20170602_175717-300x169.jpg20170602_173739-300x169.jpg20170602_180049-300x169.jpgI expected a ton of people at the outset and planned to spend little time on the Appalachian Trail in order to avoid the crowds.  I trotted in about 4 miles or so starting with some nice views and then the green tunnel of the AT (a lot different from my last trip here). Around 5:30 I diverted off the AT to Brier Ridge and a wonderful first night campsite...

20170602_185955-300x169.jpgThe new Tarptent Stratospire 1 was a breeze to set up and allowed for wonderful views.  I could post the 10 or more photos I took of the Stratospire, but will save most of those for a future gear review.

The  evening was not too warm and I even slipped on a wind shirt while enjoying a wee dram of scotch after dinner. Slainte mhath!


A great night's rest in the high country, followed by waking in the pre-dawn to watch the sunrise.  Can't beat this!

20170603_062729-300x169.jpgAfter a breakfast I headed back along Brier Ridge and around the west side of Mt Rogers onto the spur trail down to the Lewis Fork Trail, then up to Pine Mtn and the blooming rhododendrons.

20170603_074200-300x169.jpg20170603_100415-300x169.jpg20170603_101759-300x169.jpg I took the high route (there are two choices on the Lewis Fork Trail as it does a big U) to avoid the killer climb of Cliffside Trail since I hadn't been out in a while. I quickly found myself back on top of Pine of my favorite areas. After watering up at the reliable spring near the Crest Trail, I headed east and found a shady spot with a good view south to Stone Mtn for a lunch break.


After lunch, I had no real plan so headed through Scales, which had a large group of campers and some backpackers resting up, and up onto Stone Mtn and through a patch or two of flame azaleas. 20170603_122631-300x169.jpg20170603_123847-300x169.jpg

The campsite I had picked out on a previous trip lived up to my expectations...a nice flat area for the Stratospire and a great view of Wilburn Ridge and sunset. The only down side was unexpected got to over 90 in the tent that afternoon (disturbed a really good nap!). I addressed that by sitting in the shade of the rocks where it was about 70 and watching a few of the ponies grazing for a couple of hours. Very peaceful!




In my opinion, there isn't a better way to a spend a couple of hours than sitting on a rock in the wilderness and watching the sunset while sipping on single malt whisky. This trip it was Lagavulin 16 to celebrate getting over my health issues and back on the trail!

After a very restful night I packed up camp and headed back over Stone Mtn and along the Pine Mtn Trail.  Ran into a few more ponies and some longhorn on the way.


Overall it was a fantastic trip...I put 26 miles under my belt from Friday at 4 to Sunday at 12 which made me feel good after a two month layoff. This gives me confidence that my back and leg are doing well and future fun is ready to be had!

I'll leave you with a few more photos...


7:32 p.m. on June 17, 2017 (EDT)
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Nice trip Phil great pic. Glad to hear your knee  holding up. Sorry to hear about your health issues but looks like you are coming thru strong.

8:52 a.m. on June 18, 2017 (EDT)
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Very cool Phil, also glad to hear it!

11:02 p.m. on June 18, 2017 (EDT)
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welcome back Phil  I like how open the Highlands are. Then you can see a long way.  We get hooked on the visuals in the West.  I would feel right at home there. 

7:58 a.m. on June 19, 2017 (EDT)
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Looks like you had a great time out there. So glad to hear you getting back out and having fun doing it. Thanks for posting so many pics. Definitely beautiful stuff up there.

2:58 p.m. on June 19, 2017 (EDT)
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Thanks guys.  I don't know why exactly, but this 2 month layoff was the most frustrating for me although they have occurred before.  I think its because the primary cause was health (back and sciatic nerve) rather than family or work obligations.  Had some health issues in the past but was always able to blame the lack of trail miles on something else.  Anyway, it made for a great feeling being under pack again and all the waiting and rehab worth every drop of sweat!  Not sure I'll be up to a Patman weekend (46 miles? really?) but feeling ready for the White Mountains next week!

July 17, 2018
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