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Latest Trips, Hike on!

Picking up where I left off

June 16-17 Smokies TN

Eye catching mushroom 

Flame Azaleas in bloom

Web of mystery

June 23-24, Shining Rock NC w Susan


July 1-4 Secret Appalachian backpacking/fishing trip

To get to the good spots you had to climb stuff like this:

So you could use your hand-line to catch these:




July 14-16 Shining Rock solo

Tiger Lily

Foggy Mountain gloam (from Cold Mountain)


close up shroom


Somewhere on the Art Loeb Trail

DSCN2346-L.jpgEast Fork Camp at Shining Creek confluence, fallen rhodo blooms

Hours of rain in the new non-breathable Light Heart jacket (in blaze orange for use in hunted areas).

Happy Trails!

Thanks for the update on your wanderings.  I wish I could have made it out to Shining Rock.  How did the LH jacket feel in July? 


Saturday I got caught in a 4 hour downpour and though I was already wet with sweat from the heat I opted to try the jacket just to minimize the soaking and also out of curiosity. 

It did work better than WPB at keeping the rain off; no doubt and clear results.

When the rains finally stopped I kept it on for another hour to test. It does not dry out your base layers like WBP nor does the jacket itself dry out as quickly from body heat. A good shaking (as you would shake your tent fly) seemed to be the fastest method.

 It doesn't feel great against the skin, kind of clammy (as expected). In fact I'll get clammy even sitting still in it; it's very much like wrapping yourself in your tent fly. 

My initial thought is that maybe I should not have spent $100 on it. I suspect you can find similarly performing garments cheaper.  (thinking of ponchos) 

But I keep thinking back to Glacier National Park last year when I endured days and days of constant rain and I was so wishing I could be drier. 

I plan to keep using it and have thoughts of bringing this along with a lightweight WPB so I have both tools if needed. Still under test....:)

Great pics Patman! Your fish-catching prowess made a trip with you a bit more enticing after that 40m in 2d you did the last time feet might hurt but we'll have all the fish we long as we don't want much :-P

I think you'll grow to like the jacket more overtime. WPBs have a place...but in summertime at sea-level I don't think they do much breathing, and non-breathable gear never wets out even after years of use. My purchase on new WPB jackets decreased significantly when I started using cheap non-breathable jackets in the summers...and eventually adopting a poncho for trail-stuff (I mostly use the jackets for summer paddling).

Hey thanks Joseph! But please understand I'm no fisherman;  :o To suggest so is surely an affront to the many real fisherman out there that have real skills and equipment. lol

I've been messing with the hand-lining and am largely clueless. I'm armed only with a water bottle, regular fishing line and a few assorted flies and lures.

It's still pretty magical to me to actually catch one. Truthfully I think a lot of my success is due to remoteness of location (those above are from a way off-trail and brutal passage to obtain the creek).

Hey you bring up some great points about the jacket; there are some advantages over a poncho in that regard and I hadn't thought of that.

Beautiful pics Patman. Keep us updated on your adventures and the jacket.

 Patrick, I thoroughly enjoy your trip reports. It lets me get my backpacking fix since there isn't any hiking here except along the coast line. 

Oh BTW, the locals here use an empty 16 ounce plastic coke bottle to wrap the fishing line around. You can cast it easily and wind it back up just as easy even with a fish on the line. They catch some pretty good size fish down here on the Gulf of Mexico. The bottle weighs nothing and you use it to store your line, hooks, bobbers etc in it.

Keep up the trips and keep posting. 

Hey good to know I'm not the only bottle fisherman out there. :)

Eddie I sent you a private message, FYI.

and Thanks Jason!

My pole and reel were not enough to even produce a bite on the trip I've just returned from. Those may not be big fish, but they were enough to beat me in the derby.

Thanks for sharing the pics Pat. I've only been home for an hour, but now I'm feeling inspired to stop being lazy and get back out there :)

December 5, 2020
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