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Durango Colorado to Flagstaff Arizona bicycle tour

I left Durango CO Saturday morning at 930 am and rode down to the state line with New Mexico, where I sat in the shade beside a store to wait till it cooled down and left at 6 pm. I rested 5 hours, it was hot after 1 pm.

Then I rode down to Aztec and stayed the night along the Animas River, and in the morning on Sunday went to the Aztec Ruin Nat Monument. Then rested again till 4 pm and rode on to Farmington.

Am in Farmington N.M. now, stayed here last night after arrival around sunset. Didn't cool down till an hour after sunset, was humid too. I am at Safeway now recharging my phone and laptop.
I may end up staying here the rest of the day, kind of a rest day after my first two days of long riding in the sun, after months of not riding but about 5-10 miles a day, I was doing a 40 mile ride once a week. Thinking tomorrow of getting my hair cut off, its too hot for hair and sun both! Mid mornings to late evening is HOT! Mostly riding just mornings till about 10 am, when its coolest out.
Its 30 miles to Shiprock and almost 300 to Flagstaff via my original route. I have ridden about 53 miles now since leaving Saturday morning in Durango.
The white dots along my route are the places I can stop for food and water. There are just 10 such towns or roadside stores, that I know of. 
Wish me luck with resting days after it gets warm, not going to be a lot of shade after Shiprock.

I will update in Shiprock.


Not riding to Shiprock, way to hot here in the mid 90s everyday!

Going to take a shuttle to Albuquerque then Amtrak to Flagstaff. I should have waited till October to leave Durango. Too hot and dry across the southwest to pedal, no water except at gas stations and towns. One stretch between here and Flagstaff would be 60 miles of heat between towns. I drank 4 liters of water in the first 35 miles from Durango to Aztec. No sense in getting heat stroke or exhaustion.

So I will be in Flagstaff on Wednesday.


Am in Albuquerque now after a few hour drive in the ABQ Shuttle from Farmington. Taking Amtrak tomorrow to Flagstaff. Staying is Route 66 Hostel tonight as the train station closes at 11 pm. I rarely stay indoors when traveling.


Just got on Amtrak in Albuquerque N.M. headed to Flagstaff, get there around 9 pm tonight.

Back in Flagstaff after Amtrak from Albuquerque. Be here a month or so, then down to Phoenix,Yuma and San Diego in Nov/Dec.

A friend picked me up and we drove to Bishop CA. Going to Lake Tahoe to do some kayaking next week.

Lake Tahoe sounds cooler temp wise compared to what you have been experiencing!

October 25, 2020
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