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Back in Flagstaff AZ

I have returned to Flagstaff AZ from Jackson WY. Came down by shuttles and Uber. Shipped my bike.

Am living on my bike again for the rest of October. May cycle up to the Grand Canyon next week if the weather stays dry and no snow. Rain is okay.

My bike now loaded. It's the Fat tire cruiser 7 speed I bought in June.

Later in late October planning to ride to Tucson from Flagstaff via this route:

Mormon Lake, Mogollon Rim,Strawberry, Roosevelt Lake, Apache Jct, Florence, Oracle and Tucson. Last October I went south a different way and rode 325 miles in 9 days on a 6 speed.

Gary, how do you like your new fat bike?

How hard is to pedal it?

When you travel to Tucson, do you ship anything to your destination?

What is a total weight yoh cary on your bike (excluding your own weight)?

Yury M asked:

 how do you like your new fat bike?

I love it, its so easy to ride!

How hard is to pedal it?

I get this question a lot!! It's as easy to pedal as a bike with much skinnier tires. On full inflation then part of the tire that rolls down the road is about 1 inch wide. People always say too, Aren't those tires heavy? I say yes but I am not carrying the bike, they roll just as easy as other tires.

When you travel to Tucson, do you ship anything to your destination?

From Jackson WY to here I mailed ahead to Tucson things I didn't need on the road.

What is a total weight you carry on your bike (excluding your own weight)?

I carry the following;

Tent 4.5 lb

Sleeping bag 1.5 lb

Pad 2 lb

Spare clothing, mostly nylon shorts, t-shirts, couple pairs of socks woo; and wool blend, hat, silk balaclava, nylon shell sweat pants, cotton hooded sweat shirt, Rain jacket and pants, fingerless cycling gloves and nylon regular ones, Croc sandals and a ball camp, all in my rear panniers/saddle bags.  Maybe 3 lb

I have a spare fat tube, a few bike tools, patch kit and two air cylinders instead of a pump. 1/2 lb

I have a Canon SL1 DSLR, spare batteries, I carry in my handle bar bag with small compact binoculars, magnesium and potassium tablets, also some muscle cream and a bike light and tent light. 3 lb

Plus a day or 2 of food and 4 Nalgene water bottles, not all always filled. 2 lbs each filled.  

So maybe 20 lbs of gear/food/water.

The bike rolls easy loaded. Hills are harder loaded, but if they are too steep or long I get off and push. Can push 3-4.5 mph compared to 1-2 mph riding up in low gear. Bike only has 7 speeds, one in front 7 in back.

Oh I also have a small Chromebook laptop in my day pack and charger cords for it and my Tracfone cell phone. 


This what it looked like last July as I cycle toured around Jackson Hole WY. Grey bag is my sleeping bag. Camo one is my tent, pad beneath them. 

Hi!  What brand is your bike, and do you recommend it?  Thanks!

Gary, you're spinning some serious unsprung weight that I couldn't consider. I'm an old roadie myself and seasoned on bike touring. My rig is a 2009 Raleigh Sojourn with front and rear racks. four Jandd bags, handlebar and tail bags. I wander from one to five months at a time and even with a much lighter drive train find myself off and pushing up grades at times, but that's a part of the ride. There was a time that I thought I'd never be on these skinny 700C tires and racing seat, but time and experience has proven this to be the easiest and most comfortable way to ride. I see you've ridden South from Wyoming and all I can say is, how was that constant 45 mph Westerly wind on you? Brutal, I imagine. It's been years since my last tour, as I've been rearing and home schooling my grandson Nyca that will be 8 in November. I've got him on a bike and we've taken our maiden backpacking tramp up Redwood Creek in NorCal. I'm familiar with the beauty along the route you're traveling and know that on bike and foot one is totally immersed in and a part of life that are hard to find words to describe. Nirvana is the closest word I know.

My bike is a Trek Electra 7 speed fat tire cruiser. I high recommend it!

Charles Brodeur II

I have been living by bicycle for 36 years, never owned or learned to drive a automobile. Never will. I have ridden about 350,000 miles since 1982 when my first tour took me 2100 miles from NW Wyoming to SW Arkansas. My second tour was 7000 miles from WY to NY to AR to AZ and back to WY in 1983-84. I have ridden back and forth from WY to AZ 35 times since then and across Alaska in 2006.

Your way of life is amazing and inspiring to me. Life on my bike is a moving meditation. When I hit "the wall" and every muscle is burning and I can't stand the burning and I can't go any further; instantly I'm through the wall in the zone of breath and heartbeat and every muscle is relaxed and spinning to infinity. I never did reach that point of being by sitting still in meditation, but on the bike it's usually about mile 18. Here's another cyclist that inspires me. Centenarian French cyclist Robert Marchard sets world record after completing 22.528 kilometers in one hour. Check out this link;  It all makes me look forward to a long healthy life and that's rich, isn't it?

August 9, 2020
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