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750 Miles in the Grand Canyon

From Pete McBride Photography:

Into The Grand Canyon

There are more people that have stood on the moon than walked continuously through the length of the Grand Canyon -- because it is long, hard and there is no full length trail. Along with Kevin Fedarko, Pete McBride undertook the challenge of traversing the length of this natural wonder to document the place before it potentially changed by the hand of growing developments surrounding it.

Watch his film now on Nat Geo:
Also available on Hulu. #IntoTheCanyon | Insignia Films


Re: 750 miles in the Grand Canyon

Cool, thanks.

Re: 750 miles in the Grand Canyon

In January 1999 I backpacked over 200 miles in four weeks through the major part of the Grand Canyon, when I was 43. I cached 3 caches of food and started with one weeks worth.  January is very mild below the rims, days were in the 50's and night were freezing. While the North rim is closed in winter and the South rim is open year round and often covered in snow and around freezing in the day time and way below Zero at night. 

I was just talking about running the GC with some friends this week.  The typical whole canyon river trip is from Lee's Ferry to Pearce Ferry which is 276 miles.  Walking along the river must be tough.  It is steep a lot of the time, and must require crossing the river many times.  I enjoyed Colin Fletcher's book. 

August 9, 2020
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