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Caving in Eastern Tennessee

This past weekend, I met up with cavers from Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, and Florida to do some amazing caving in the Cumberland Mountains of eastern Tennessee. On Saturday, we bounced the 164' pit cave called Conley Hole, a national natural landmark.

After a few hours of caving, we visited the amazing waterfalls at Rock Island State Park (WOW!).

Sunday was the big day. We did the thru trip of Rumbling Falls. Since my pics could never do the 5-acre Rumble Room justice. Click on this link to see a pro pic. Keep in mind the flash of that pic is the only time the room has been lit up. And note the guy on rope for the 202' rappel. 

The sections beyond the Rumble Room are newly discovered, with more passages being mapped yearly. The thru trip itself is only a couple years old, when eager cavers were able to dig a new entrance about 5 liner-miles from the natural entrance. 

Anyone who says they can't go caving because they are claustrophobic has never been in Rumbling Falls. I joked about how the mountain could be standing, when most of it was hollow. These rooms were MASSIVE.

The video and some of the pics below are mine. The good pics are from others on the trip and used with their permission. 






IMG_20200614_083147154.jpgMarion Smith, the man who discovered the Rumble Room in Rumbling Falls Cave. Still caving in his 70s. 






Great pics.

You ever cross paths with Ron Miller and Cathy Borer (GA) or Dwight Livingston (MD)?

Can't say the names ring any bells, BigRed.

Wow! Thanks for sharing these picture and video from your caving, Goose.

Especially for those of us who will never have the chance to visit such spots. 

The falls look lovely too.

Always cool to see your caving trips. U spent several summers as a camp counselor on Lookout Mtn TN and never knew this was nearby.

November 28, 2021
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