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Goat Rocks Wilderness Loop

With our daughter getting ready to go off to college we decided to get in one last trip. We picked a famous loop within the Goat Rocks Wilderness that is about 2.5 hours from our home in the Puget Sound region. It was set to be a warm weekend and as we pulled up to the trailhead it was clear we were not going to be alone.

The start of the hike is shaded and provided nice cover as the temp started to rise. After a few hours we made it to Snowgrass Flats, which was our first destination. Our daughter found a lovely campsite tucked up in a grove of trees that was a short distance from a small creek. We pumped water and set our camp up for the night. At that point the mosquitoes started to attack. It got bad enough we donned head nets but it still did not detract from the beauty of the area. Off in the distance we could see waterfalls, wildflowers and Mt. Adams.

After a good night's sleep, we broke camp early and made for Goat Lake. The lake is at the top of the valley and stays frozen most of the year. The outlet of the lake leads to a waterfall that goes down into the valley. We made it to the lake around lunch and took pictures. The view from the lake is spectacular. Mt. Adams is directly in view and you get a commanding view of the entire area.

The only drawback is this area is well loved, so if you are looking for classic wilderness solitude you won’t find it However, I am happy to report we saw zero garbage on the trip.

After lunch we pushed on to the highest point of the trip.. As we climbed along the ridge we got more sweeping views of the valley, endless wildflowers and the surrounding snow covered peaks. Due to busy schedules we only got to explore the area for two days. Definitely need to go back and check out Cispus Basin and other areas in the wilderness that are accessed by the PCT.

If you go to Goat Rocks you won't be alone, but the beauty is worth it.


Nice photos Dad.  Douglas put it on the map. 

No, Greentrails made the map.😂

Some beautiful photos.

Beautiful family trip! Thanks for sharing these pics with us.

Your dog looks happy too! How far does your dog typically hike with you?

Nice write-up and photos!  I've been thinking about doing that loop this fall before it snows, which means sooner rather than later...

We mostly take him on day hikes but he has a pack to carry his food for weekend trips.  We have not done anything longer than three days with him.

PNWDad said:

We mostly take him on day hikes but he has a pack to carry his food for weekend trips.  We have not done anything longer than three days with him.

 Cool! He looks like a happy hiker.

Sorry to post this here, but what's up with the not being able to read posts w/o signing in, and not even then?

I got the Trailspace update on my email, clicked on PNWDad's review of Lake Valhalla because it looked really interesting and then couldn't even find the review after posted a huge banner requiring me to either sign in or join.

Having duly signed it, there was nowhere to find the original post.  I could not read this trip post.  I was lost in a maze of advertisements, promos and demands to review products.

Is this what Trailspace has become?.

Hi Avid Hiker-

Sorry of the confusion. The Valhalla Lake thread is here.

There was a bug in this week's newsletter that caused some links to direct to a login screen or account settings screen instead of to the intended forum post. We should have that fixed before the next one goes out.

We try to keep the volume of ads and promos reasonable, while still keeping the site free to the community --always balancing user experience against the need to pay the bills.

Could you send me a screen shot of what you're seeing that feels like too much? Feel free to send a PM or email me at


Thank you, both for the link to the trip report and for addressing my concerns about getting to that page.   The Valhalla trip looks so very pretty - a great relief to the fires & smoke in the PNW.  

I'll go ahead and email the screenshots of the problem.  Good to know it's just a glitch!


May 16, 2022
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