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Lake Valhalla

I didn’t get to go on this trip, but I was excited because it was my daughter’s first self-led trip. She and a longtime friend decide to go hiking for the weekend near Stevens Pass. Overall the trip went well and my daughter was happy to report that her new hammock setup worked perfectly. Apparently our pit bull enjoyed it as well.


Nice photos. Looks like a great place. Nice to hear another generation is doing this.

Yes, her friend is thinking about doing the PCT starting next spring and has lots of hiking experience.  This summer she hiked the Wonderland Trail so she is a good buddy to go out with on your first ”no parents” trip.

I miss the Cascades when it is not raining. 

In deed, we have about another 4 weeks of fairly clear weather then after that the faucet turns on. 

Looks like a beautiful spot for a weekend of hiking and camping!

July 3, 2022
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