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Going Higher Art Loeb Trl


at the top


1st time at 6000


side trail after leaving Tennet Mountain 


slow down Jeff I’m too old to go that fast:)


Shane trying to stay dry on the Flat Laurel Trl


still  trying to stay dry on the Flat Laurel trl
Saturday evening Flat Laurel near Sams Knob


Sunday morning Sams Knob is fogged in. View from hammock 


 Time to go home, dang it!


Had a very nice weekend , Nov 13 thru 15

We got a late start and had just enough time to make it to the base of Grassy Cove mountain I believe it’s called. We hammock camped on the hill facing Friday night, The next morning we decided to climb Grassy Cove however the trail was closed so we did an about face and Headed up Tennet Mountain. It was Jeff’s 1st time over 6000 and Shane’s as well, not bad for his second hike ever. Coming down we decided to take the spur trail back to the parking lot where we dropped some of our excess gear and clothes a it would be decidedly warmer on night 2 then we hit the Flat Laurel trail. Going clockwise Which was surprisingly devoid of people only saw 3 on the way in
very nice weekend.


1st camp


slept in late and then want to sit down on the job. old man is shaking his head


well finally the boys are awake and ready to roll


nice photo op of Jeff and Shane



836D9DF7-8685-471D-BAD4-5F7A8B391CE1.jpgold man is definitely out of shape but still climbing 



Just below Summit  That’s Tennet to the right and Black Balsom  on the left



Cold rain on the roof, but these pics made me smile. Looks like you folks had a great time out there in the sun. Thanks for sharing the trip!

January 22, 2021
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