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Yosemite Benson-Matterhorn loop


The Sawtooth Range, from Burro Pass

 Hey everyone, over on the "Trailspace on the Trail" sub-forum I had posted about my recent trip in the northern Yosemite wilderness. I also wrote a detailed trip report with lots of photos over on a different forum that focuses heavily on backpacking in Yosemite. I'm sharing links to that trip report here.

I had to break the TR into three parts on that forum because of space limitations. Here are links to the three parts, but also once you're in any of the parts it has links at the beginning and end to the other parts:

Part 1:,96851

Part 2:,96852

Part 3:,96853

The beginning of Part 1 describes the overall trip before getting into the details. Hope you enjoy it!

Regulation Peak reflected in Rodgers Lake
Smedberg Lake


Yep---that's some fine country.  The ascent up Matterhorn Canyon towards the Sawtooths is just pure heaven.  

I should go back ..

That's one of the two main reasons I did this loop counter-clockwise, to be going up rather than down Matterhorn. The other reason I favored counter-clockwise is that it left the highest part of the route for last instead of first, and given the challenges I've faced in the past with acclimatizing I didn't want to increase the altitude factor too quickly if I didn't have to. 

Beautiful trip and trip report, JR! It looks and sounds like a fantastic way to spend a week. Thanks for sharing it...and taking along your Trailspace cap.

The antique can opener was an interesting find.

Out of curiosity, do you carry a camera or use a smart phone for taking pictures on your trips?

I still carry a dedicated camera, a Panasonic Lumix point-and-shoot. Cell phone cameras have come a long way and I'm tempted on my next trip to leave the camera home (would save ~10 oz for the camera, recharging cable and protective pouch), but I still like the flexibility a true optical zoom affords and the better light capture of a larger Zeiss lens.


I'm always curious about how others calculate and make that decision for trip photos.

Thanks, JR for the report.  I just had to cancel a ten day planned conclusion to the JMT, and a visit to Yosemite Valley, as the smoke and air pollution from the Sequoia NP fires was unhealthy. Glad you had a great trip!

October 28, 2021
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