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Maine Fall Color - 2 Night GLT East Side

Some highlight pics from this week's two night Grafton Loop toddle.  Packed for the whole thing but only did the east side. The leaves were falling hard and that trail is treacherous enough when you can see your feet. To paraphrase the old surf cliche; I should have been there a few days earlier heh.

You can find the full photo dump with more babbling here:

or grab a beverage and enjoy the video version:


Picnic Ledge about half way up Puzzle Mtn






Town Corner Campsite

 With the short days, sunset was 6pm up there last week. As pretty as Puzzle Mtn is, and the rest of the trail for that matter, there was constant pressure to hike fast. The leaves were covering the trail in a lot of spots and I didn't want to be out there after dark. With about 11 miles including two good sized climbs I had my work cut out for me. I rolled into Town Corner with just enough light to grab a bag of water and set the hammock up.



 The smaller brooks were totally hidden under the leaves but this one was big enough you could still see water. Day two was full of views and... leaves!  At one water crossing I stepped down onto a big slab and didn't stop. It has been a long time since I hit the ground that fast heh. Wet leaves on wet rocks certainly make things interesting.


The trail ran over most of those lumps




 Summit of East Baldpate for a late lunch which came with a surprising amount of bugs for mid October. Tropical Maine Fall weather is something I hope we don't have to get used to. It should have been crisp and bug free.









 I'm being called to coffee so that is all the babbling you'll get here, sorry :) Hope you're getting out when you can!

Very nice. Someday I am going to have to make the trip back East and see those things...

Great colors, LoneStranger! That is always a pretty area, but especially in fall.

I felt for you with the slick leaves covering the trail though. Ouch! I hope it the fall didn't cause you much harm. The bugs are an odd addition at this time of year too.

Thanks for sharing your hike!

And, balzaccom, hopefully you'll make it back east for some hiking in the coming years.

If you enjoy the sound of crunching leaves I've got a treat for you :)

Other than two times I said hello to toads on the trail this video is nothing but crunching and a bit of huffing and puffing. Just a walk through the Fall leaves.

I've always liked the sound of crunching leaves!

LS, you set me a wandering back into my youth.

In Southern California you have to really seek out those forest floors of deep leaf litter.  I know of a few places, but they are over an hour from my home, and are mere micro ecosystems in the larger scheme of things.

I was raised in the Midwest, northwest of Chicago, in the community of Glen Ellen, in what then was the the rural suburban interface zone.  The most vivid memories of that time were fall season.  One reason I love fall is exactly that experience: feeling and hearing the leaves crunch under foot, gazing up as the sunlight casts beams through the thinning, iridescent canopy, the crisp fresh air, and the smell of composting leaves and wood fires.  Sigh.  Sixty years ago, and I can still conjure the sensations as if just yesterday...

As I said before, you have the touch for capturing the mindset and essence of being outdoors.


May 27, 2022
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