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Show some Wonderful things you have seen on the way to a hike

 Post a few pictures So we all can see!

DeSoto Falls



Near Lake Canassaga with 2 of my brothers 



with my nephew and great nephew 



just outside of Brevard NC




Glory Hole waterfall Arkansas 


 Here are a few things I saw on hikes and walks this fall, mostly in Maine.

Thanks for the reminder of the wonderful things all around us, John. Sometimes I forget until I look back at pictures.

aster flower
Cedar Waxwings
fall foliage in stream
Golden-crowned Kinglet


Downy Woodpecker



 p.s. I moved your thread over to Trip Reports, since it is very much on topic!


The Sierra Nevada from on high
from the outskirts of Bridgeport, CA
Hoover Dam


Alicia - those are so good I do believe they are post cards,  I especially liked the Golden-Crowned Kinglet absolutely beautiful 

btw- the pictures help a lot they give so much when life has you stuck, something to dream about and it was a picture of Desoto Falls in a book (The most Scenic Drives in America) that got me into hiking and backpacking. I went to see it that 1st time and knew I’d like hiking 

JR that was about as good as it gets for a flight or flights. nice!

Thank you, John!

I often find myself surprised to recall the many things I've seen and done while looking at pictures I took. The moment immediately comes back to me, and I'm reminded of how much beauty I've been able to see and appreciate.

Good idea! I take the spirit of the thing to mean something cool and unexpected or serendipitous encountered on the way to the trailhead. I've got bazillions of photos taken during hikes, but those taken on the way are fewer and more random.

Two journeys come to mind. On the way to Hornstrandir, our first multiday hike in Iceland in 2019, an artsy shrine encountered during a morning run on the Reykjavik waterfront:

Note the Santa sitting on the moon. Seems timely!
Also with a Pagan element

And then the group of fellow travelers from Germany/Austria that we teamed up with at the airport to rent a van and road trip north after our mutual flight was cancelled due to high winds, all of us headed to the same trailhead on Hornstrandir via plane/boat. 


 "Big Max" with the light green t-shirt has stayed in touch and has been planning to come visit us in Norway for the last two summers, held up by Covid. Maybe next summer!

And then, on the way to drop off our car at our exit trailhead for a hike in the Wind Rivers, we encountered the very beginnings of the big-ish Cliff Creek Fire. Had to turn around and drive 5 extra hours, holed up in a motel and finished the drive early the next morning, when we saw but did not get pictures of some pronghorns. Stuff happens!



Impressive wildfire pictures, BigRed.

I try to take pictures of the random and some might say mundane things I see when running or on more casual hikes and walks, etc., especially if I'm in a new place. So I end up with stuff like this:

School mural, Colorado Springs
Portland (the other one in Oregon) garbage can


frozen tire tracks on dirt road the other morning (when I should have carried some traction)


View from chairlift this past Saturday


Better view from same chairlift this past Sunday

I upgraded to an iPhone 13 Pro (from a much older 7) this fall, solely to take better pictures during my everyday happenings.

May 16, 2022
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