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Lamping Trail Hike


I got to hike the Lamping Homestead Trail. It is located in the Marietta Unit of Ohio's Wayne National Forest. A friend I met while backpacking the Archers Fork Trail hiked this beautiful 5 mile loop with me yesterday. Very scenic little trail. I love the fact it winds in the heart of Ohio's Appalachian Plateau, a region characterized by steep hills and ridges.

We started from the camping area, were we are encamped. The trail winds around the 2 acre fishing pond and heads up a stream valley, traveling south to begin it's journey deep into the Wayne National Forest. After a 3/4 of a mile or so, the trail changes direction to begin to slowly gain the ridge. The forest here is the Appalachian Forest type, composed mainly (from what I observed) American Beech, various Oaks in both the Black and White Oak groups, Tulip Tree, Paw Paw and Sugar and Black Maple. In addition to all this the Lamping Trail travels through 5 plantations of White Pine and a scattering of Virginia Pine. Very beautiful. The Lamping Trail at this point winds in and across several ravines, finally coming to the place where that giant 120 ft. Tulip Tree is. We decided to take a break under this most impressive tree. Looking up I can see flowers were starting to bud forth on this tree. Of course, the branches are near the top of the same.

After out short break, we cointinue hiking on, being greeted by the most beautiful views of the surrounding ridges and looking down the ridge we could see the Clear Fork of the Little Muskingum River.

Finally the trail makes a turn back towards the Picnic/Camping Area and slowly starts it's descent off the ridge. Another 3/4 of a mile or so completes the hike on this most excellent trail.

November 30, 2020
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