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Yellowstone Nat Park

This is the Moose antler I found in Cache Creek Canyon that I sold for cash in 2008.

From a view spot called Artist's Viewpoint the lower falls of the Yellowstone River. There is a trail that leads down to the brink of the falls on the right side.

Bison and calves sen near Old Faithful Lodge in Yellowstone.

Castle Geyser along the Geyser boardwalk. There is a boardwalk that has to be followed so no one will walk on the delicate mineral springs or step into a boiling pool.

Chromatic Geyser. Some geysers look like gentle pools of boiling sulphic water and only go off evey once in a while, some erupt on a scheduled basis like Old Faithfuls average every 60 minute cycle. The colors are from different algae that can survive in the boiling water, different colors for different temps. Much of the grasses are killed off surrounding the pools from the toxic minerals. Small Brine Flies can often also be seen foraging in the edges of the pools.

I call this one Snail Hot Springs, I don't think it had a name plaque. The water is a greenish color mainly from temperture.

This one is actually bloing , see the front edge? And its a deep one. As the pool erupts and flows over its edge and then cools and the water sinks back down, minerals are left behind leaving the lace-like effect around its brim.

This large pool shows its algae colors well.

Dragon's Mouth Geyser's. This is two side by side images photosticthed together.

Beautiful mineral lined edge of a hot spring.

Lewis Falls in south Yellowstone Park

Flame like orange and red hot water flows. Thats Buffalo dung in the middle of it. In winter the Bison, Elk and Deer live in and around the Geyser Basin to stay warm.

A domed geyser erupting. As the mineral build up over centuries they form domes as the water spurts out their tops.

Another geyser erupts along the boardwalk. The strong smell of sulfuic gas is all around the Geyser Basin, sometime its overwelming.

"More beauty than I can bare...,Like beauty, with beauty overlaid" said John Muir apon seeing wilderness slendors.

Giant Geyser is thought to have erupting 1000s of years.

The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and the lower falls. This is many layers of volcanic ash and pumice. The canyon is nearly 1000 feet deep. Colors here are from old hot springs and minerals like Iron Oxide (rust) leaching out and oxidizing on the surface.

The view of the canyon behind me and down the Yellowstone River.

Grotto Geyser

Two geyser spring's flows down over into the Firehole River. The water of the river is still cold spring and snow melt, where the hot water and cold meet is comfortably warm to soak in.

Like a giant eye, a hot spring boils up to the surface.

Granite Hot Springs, note the water is hotter in winter than in summer. This is actually south of Jackson.

This hot spring is cooler than the others and looks like a bird with outstretched wings?

Another view point on the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and the lower falls.

Upper Yellowstone Falls, are about a mile upstream of the lower falls.The bridge in the background is how one gets to the lower falls trail.

A mud hot spring, this is one of two called the Dragon's Mouth, because the geyser has collapsed and the water now boils behind the wet wall, when the forces are too great the muddy water erupts up and out with a gurgling rumble.

The same pool just after eruption, the hot sulfuric gas and steam pouring out as the water boils.

Rings of orange Algae on the edge of a hot spring.

Shield Geyser, welcomes with cool (hot) blue waters.

Explaination of the Dragon's Mouth Springs.

Spouter Geyser boils feverishly in brillant blue.

The Lewis River in southern Yellowstone Park, flows thru the burnt forests of the 1988 fire, shot in May 2008.

Old Faithful and the Old Faithful Lodge. The water shoots as high as 200 feet.

Entrane walk to Old faithful from the lodge, thousand of people from around the world see it erupt hourly each day. Even in winter with snowmobilers,crosscountry skiers and tourists in snowcat vehicles flock around the see its age old splendor.

Yellowstone Lake's water fill in the volcanic caldera waiting for the Super-Volcano to erupt again.

I hope some or many of you the chance if you have'nt already to Vist Jackson Hole, the Tetons and Yellowstone Nat Park.

I find it pretty interesting that John Colter, who was a member of the Lewis and Clark expedition was granted permission to leave the party on the return trip and go back up the river/Yellowstone river. He was probably the first white fellow to see it.

I do believe he was not believed about the stories he told when he did return to civilization and the area was known as "Colters Hell".

I camped there one July 4th and woke up to a heavy wet snow. We hit a hot springs next to us along the river that morning.

Good memory.

Well most of the mountainmen told some pretty far fetched stories or expanded on their adventures to more over impress the commonfolk back in St Louis.

John Colter is said to be the first white man to see Yellowstone. The indians feared the area believing it to be home of Gods or evil spirits. They called it the land of the stinking waters. Yellowstone of course is the name given to the yellow sulfur that spews out making the stinking waters.

One story about the Yellowstone was that it was so vast a man could holler his name across the Yellowstone at night and his echo would wake him up the next morning.

I dont imagine he had much problem leaving Lewis and Clark expedition being he had done his job showing them around. He was a mountainman who like others made his living as a trapper and would have needed to gotten back to his trade.

Read the story of Hugh Glass, a mountain man who also led a military expedition into the wilderness. He was mauled by a grizzley bear, left for dead and survived with no weapons and supplies. he made it back to St Louis MO bent on revenge against the party that left him to die of his wounds. His hatred of them kept him alive, but he was like the indians the Mtnmen lived like and could survive on lil. His story would put Survivoramn and Bear Gyrlls to shame.

Or the story of a teacher from Boston who joined and expedition to the Yellowstone region and disappeared for 6 weeks when on a day trip alone lost his horse and his glasses and was never found by the expedition he was with. They went on without him and 6 weeks later was found crawling on his hands and knee's as he could not see. He had taught himself in that month and a half while lost to survive.

The trip that Lewis and Clark made from the east coast to the west coast and back would be like wandering across Antartica today alone with no maps, only stories and legends to travel by and sometimes hostile indians and wild animals never seen much before to worry about. It took them two and a half years to do their entire journey.

Or even John Wesley Powell who as late as 1869 was the first man with his party to see the entire Green and Colorado River drainages.While most of the west had been discovered and mapped the canyons of the Colorado had never been seen except from above. Imagine the thoughts of the Spanish Conquistadors that first viewed the Grand Canyon.

I spent 30 years living ,working, hiking and biking around Jackson Hole. But because of my work situations in the summer and never having a car all my life I never made it to Yellowstone but a few times in those 30 years. The images above were taken in late May 2008. Before that I had not been in the park since 1993. and before that was in 1980. When I would leave Jackson I came back south to Arizona, the Grand canyon and Tucson in September after Memorial Day to Labor Day working every week in Wyoming to fund adventurous trips to Arizona in the Fall Winter and Spring to return again the following May and go back to work for three months.

More great stuff! I used to go to Granite Hot Springs quite a bit.

BTW, we must have lived in Jackson at the same time. Do you remember Mountain Camera? It was across the street from Fred's Market. I worked there for five years - 1980-1985. Also used to climb with all the guys from Teton Mountaineering.

Yes, I bought a Canon 8mm Camcorder from Mountain Camera in the early 90s. I used to go in there all the time, good friends with the owners. They had that little black and white dog named Kelly? My best friend used to work at Fred's Market. I lived in JH off and one from 1980 to 2009 when I came to Flagstaff last year. I worked all over JH during the summers. My first job was at a place that was where the National Elk Museum is now north of town a couple miles, below East Gros Ventre Butte, they had a chuckwagon cookout on top where Spring Creek Ranch is now.

I remember when Teton Mountaineering was over by where they have the shootout, when Merry Piglets was just a small walkup eatery by there too. I miss old Jackson in the early 80s.

I first came to JH at the advice of a park ranger friend who was the winter ranger in Yosemite and the summer climbing ranger at Jenny Lake, His name is Renny Jackson. I lived in Yosemite winter camping the spring of 1980 from Jan-May after spending two years working in Alaska. He asked me where I was going for the summer and when I said I didnt know he suggested JH. I was 24 then in 80. I went there and worked that place I mentioned above for three weeks then went up to Jenny Lake for two weeks hiking the Tetons, then to Glacier Park MT for three weeks working the St Mary's Lodge and hiking, then tried to hitchhike back to Alaska but the bordr patrol at Blaine WA wouldn't let me in Canada, so I went home to Arkansas for the winter and returned to JH the summer of 1981 and worked at the Westerner by Fred's and lived at A-1 Campground where the Teton County Library is now.

In 1982 I did my first Bicycle tour from JH to southern Arkansas and returned in 1983 and then biked from JH to NY and then back to AR. In the spring of 84 I rode to AZ and back to JH. After the summer again in 84 I started going to the Grand Canyon in the fall, winter and springs till 2003 and returning to JH in the summers to fund my adventures in the GCNP.

I went back to Alaska in 2006 and worked the summer outside Denali NP and then biked down to Homer Spit and back to Anchorage, I was going to ride all the way back to AZ but had my bike stolen the first night in Anchorage and stayed till Jan 2007 and flew back to Utah where I worked the summer in Zion NP then went back to JH for a year and a half before coming down here to Flagstaff where I have been ever since. I plan to go hiking this fall in JH then go back to southwestern Utah to hike and live till next spring when I will most likely return to JH.

I don't think untill the fall of 1991 when I bought that camcorder from Mtn Camera that I had been in there much. We may have met but I dont remember. I will have to look at your picture in your profile in a moment and see if you look familiar?

Nope, just looked you don't look familiar but I knew lots of people over the years, I am sure we may have met. What kind of camera is that around your neck in your hand? I currently shoot a Canon XTi, my second Canon Digital. My first was a Canon XT. I still have my old Canon EOS Rebel G that I bought in 2000. I bought my first digital Canon in 2003 at BH Photo in NY.

I bought my first 35mm camera in 1978 when I lived in Alaska the first time. It was a Minolta XG-1.

I was making 4 times as much in Alaska than I had made in Arkansas in 1977. I was a chef at the Capt Cook Hotel in Anchorage making $8.65 an hour, I had made $1.65 in Arkansas the fall before I went to Alaska.

Wow,I just wrote my life down for the world to read, well thats me for ya. 34 years of the adventurous life! Its been a great time too....

Well, Gary, if we didn't happen to cross paths in Jackson, it's nice to meet you now!

By 1990 the people that owned Mountain Camera when I worked there had sold it to Jon Stewart and Ed Riddell, two fine photographers that were customers of ours. I don't remember their dog, Kelly, but I remember Jon have a dog named Fort Stockton Texas!

Ah, Merry Piglets! I used to eat there all the time. My wife still makes those fried bean crisps here at home! And yes, Teton Mountaineering was right by them on Crabtree Corner. Chuck still owns TM and Rex is still the manager. He's been working there since the late 70s!

I ended up in Jackson on a quick climbing trip and ended up staying. Eventually I climbed all the peaks (nine times on the summit of the Grand - once on New Year's Day) and all the major rock and ice climbs in the park. Climbing was, to say the least, a passion. I've also spent a lot of time in Yosemite and have climbed all the Big Walls there, except Half Dome (but did climb Snake Dike).

I ended up meeting my wife there in Jackson. We got married on the shores of String Lake. Our daughter was born there - a "real" Jackson hole native! :-) We eventually moved away after losing our rented trailer to an arson fire. We didn't have insurance.

Anyway, that camera around my neck is a Canon 20D, I think. I currently have the Canon 7D and 40D and a bunch of lenses. Photography is something I really enjoy - I always have a camera with me. You can check out my Flickr site if you like:

I also like to geocache. It's a great way to get out and see places you would have never gone to otherwise. In fact, I'm leaving on an overnighter combo backpacking/geocaching trip in the morning.

Also thinking of a trip to Jackson soon to visit the grandkids. Of course I'll have to squeeze in a backpacking trip too! :-)

I am hopefully going back to JH myself in about a month in August to hike with a friend in the Teton Wilderness.

Yes Jon Stewart and his wife owned the place when I bought my camcorder there in 1992. They had a lil dog named Kelly.

I never climbed in the Tetons but hiked all the trails. My favorite being the Teton Crest Trail from Teton Pass to Paintbrush divide and out the north end of Jenny Lake. I have also hiked the sleeping Indian, Cache Creek to Goodwin and turqoise and up south Granite from the Hot springs.

I married too in JH at curtis Canyon over look but my wife and I divorced 4 years later. I have a daughter who was born in Jackson and she lives with here mother in Arapahoe over between Riverton and Lander. She will be 17 in November.

After JH I am going to southern Utah to hike around the slot canyons of the Paria, Parunuweap and Kanab Creek Canyons for the winter.

I have stumbled onto many geocaches in the areas I hike. I usually go for the remote locations myself. I tramped around all over the Grand Canyon for 20 winters 1983 to 2003, November to March when I was away from JH to be free. I only worked summer there usually.

Had a few summer in other places too like Denali, Glacier,Zion, Yosemite and Lake Placid (NY). I used to like deserts down here in Arizona but after two summers I am ready for cooler climate like JH again. Winters down here are better. Dec/Jan were my favorite months in the GC. Less tourists and always easy to get a itineray filled. I stopped going when they started charging to camp in the backcountry and enforced permits. I don't pay to camp in the backcountry.

Do you know where Ashfork, AZ is? I lived there for about three years one summer!

I also have a trip planned to Utah this summer, but will probably end up in the Moab area. Last time I was there was 2002. I was in Zion last year and hiked the Narrows top down and did a couple of technical slots. I'd like to go back.

I've also hiked a lot in the Tetons. The Teton Crest is my favorite, too. I've been up to Turquoise Lake, but did an up and back via Cache Creek.

My trip to JH will probably fall around July 25th, which is one of my grandkid's birthdays. Let me know when your trip is firmed up. If we end up there at the same time, we should at least say hello.

I love the desert and make multiple trips to Death Valley each year. Granted, I never go in the summer! It's hot here in Tecate, MX/CA, but not unbearable (but we don't have A/C, which is a pain). Living in Mexico I'm just glad to have internet!

Okay, that's all for tonight. I have to pack!

Wow three years in one summer. How'd you do that?

It wan't a very nice place to live. Time seemed to s l o w down! :-)

July 26, 2021
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