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Quik trip up Fossil Creek

Last weekend (despite what wrong time stamp says) me and a friend took a quik hike up the Fossil Creek Falls trail. This is a very popular place as most hikes on creeks in AZ are. Lots of pools for swimming and awhole lot of people at the big fall and pool.  But once we got past the main waterfall feature about 3/4 of a mile up the trail we only saw one other group of hikers. We didnt go much further do to lack of time but sure made for a nice getaway.

Just a few pics from the day



Yes, Fossil Creek is a great place. A friend and I were there a couple months ago in May.  Did you drive in from Strawberry or Camp Verde?

Did you go back towards Camp Verde and go to Verde Hot Springs? Its an old once commercialized place. The signs said it had a hotel in the mid 20s but it went out of business. I tried to find information about it online but found nothing. There was a couple cemented-in hot springs right along the Verde River.

We went in from Camp Verde and did not go to the hot springs. Many many moons ago I went in from Strawberry, hiked the trail in and then walked atop the Flume on the way out. They took out the Flume several years ago after removing Childs power station.

Went to the Verde hot springs back in the late 80's. Back then there sure was some intresting people around there and lots of nude sunbathers. I was there with a new girlfriend (later became X-wife) so naturally we too sunbathed in the nude. Let me tell ya, some parts should never ever get sunburned, and sandfleas should be kept below the knees!

I never heard about the hotel, that would explain the hot tubs in the desert.


When we were at the hot springs in May there were lots of people in the campground mainly fishermen/women, but few of them went to the hot springs. We were there on a weekend and when we went to the springs we had it all to ourselves, except two guys in Kayaks who had spent the night by the springs and left soon after we got there.

Fossil Creek from Strawberry is much easier on a vehicle. One doesn't need the high clearance you need for the road in from Camp Verde. I would like to go back someday and hike the river from where the road comes close the Fossil Falls upstream back towards Strawberry. That canyon looks very remote and interesting from the road way up on top.


Nice photos AZ, looks like an inviting place to swim too!

Thanx Patman, was a very nice place for taking a dip. We stoped and went for a dip at the small fall Im standing by in the second pic. Pool was about 4 feet deep. Was told water temp remains aprx. 72 degrees year round. Was a profitable swim too, I was standing by the base of the fall watching leaves and twigs swirling around my feet when all of a sudden a $20 bill came swirling in! Paid for some DQ on the way home, Creek Treats.

Gary - Me and my buddy were thinking the same thing about goin up further past the Big fall. We went a little ways past it and only seen a few people from there compared to the crowd all along up to that point. Ive been trying to get him back into packing and I think that might be the trip I get him to go on. It does look like it would be pretty cool that way, gonna have to study up on it.


My hiking buddy is down in Showlow this summer. I hope we can get back to Fossil Creek this fall.

So was the water really 72 degree's. We swam in it farther downstream towards the Verde. Was it still a beautiful aquamarine color when you were there? I liked all the rope swings.

And wow a $20 dollar leaf, thats cool. I once found a old wallet in a stream up in Oregon in 1977. The I.D. wasn't laminated and was unreadable. It had $18 in it. I was broke at the time so it was a great find. I had been hitchhiking around the country and had come over 5000 miles.

I dont know what the temp was but it was perfect. Not cold but cool, felt great and yes it was the beautiful aquamarine. I could'nt believe my eyes when I saw it, I did'nt think we had any creeks in AZ with that clear of water.

Finding cash is always a good thing. But I bet that $18 was like winning the lottery at the time.

I've been trying to get my buddy back into hiking, we used to go all the time when we were younger. Both of us got away from it and got more into hunting and fourwheeling. Which are both still fun, but Im having a hard time getting him to climb outta the Jeep and starting up the boots. Its cool tho, he does have a good point, "why walk when I can drive with a full ice chest"

I absolutely love streams/rivers like this. I've not been out to AZ, but we have thousands of similar watershed gorges and canyons along the Cumberland Plateau Escarpement of the Tennessee Valley. There is lots of Limestone here, and the high mineral content tints the water an incredible dark emerald blue-green.

This was taken on an overcast day in the winter:


Awesome pic gonzan, love the ice in background. THOUSANDS of watersheds, man if only we could have that here. But then it would'nt be a desert I guess. But thats one of the reasons I really want to take a trip back that way. All the water everywhere and lush green vegitation sure is inviting.

It is beautiful, though the humidity is pretty obnoxious in the heat of the summer.

I remember the flumes, Scary if i remember right.

Welcome to Trailspace Matt! Good to have ya here even if only online.

Was pretty cool when we could walk on top of the flumes. Scary going across some of the canyons for sure!  They took those all out and removed the power plant too. Its awsome now too but fear its gonna get loved to death. Way to many people going there that leave trash every where.

October 30, 2020
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