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Recent 3-Season Hybrid Sleeping Bag Reviews

REI Thaw Corporation 0°F Sleeping Bag

rated 3 of 5 stars Older heavy but very warm bag. Well constructed, but has no collar. The draft tube is upside down for some reason! This is an enigma bag to me. It says right on the label, "Down Insulated", however when you feel the bag, there is some sort of synthetic fiber inside. It must be mixed with down? The bag is very warm and worked great for throwing over another light bag in sub zero weather. By today's standards, the bag is way too heavy and big. It packs down to about 20 x 14". Weighs over 5lb. It has… Full review

Carinthia VLS Module 1 & Downmodule

rated 5 of 5 stars It is true. The best you can get. It is my backup system when traveling with motorcycles. No room to get? No problem. The small AND lightweight Carinthia VLS Module 1+2 will serve in all circumstances. I used it under a bridge and in the woods. It works. Warm and reasonably dry. When raining you need something to cover the whole sleeping bag (like a bridge). I honestly prefer a hotel room, but if there's nothing to find: my sleeping bag has never let me down. Full review

Marmot Fusion 15

rated 2.5 of 5 stars I really like the quality and the feel of this bag. But, and that's a big "but," for a "three season" bag, this is just not very warm. For a little bit of context, when at home, I am a very warm sleeper. My wife has a thick quilt on her and I might have a sheet. I've used this bag while backpacking from Montana to Utah to Japan and I'm just not impressed.   I actually have a lot of other Marmot gear, tents, jackets, etc., and I love all of it.  This bag, however, should be rated at 45 degrees… Full review

Big Agnes Crystal 30°

rated 3.5 of 5 stars I love the Big Agnes sleep system! Man is this bag huge and comfortable. I toss and turn a lot and sleep mostly on my stomach. I used to hate how tangled I would get in a regular sleeping bag and hate falling off my mat. The Big Agnes Sleep system changed all of that. The only reason i give this 3 1/2 stars is I DO NOT trust Big Agnes' temperature rating. I took this out on a night in the desert in a nice 2 man tent where it got down to about 36 degrees, and I was very cold. I had on cotton sleep… Full review

Big Agnes Crystal 30°

rated 4 of 5 stars This bag packs down very small, just over 2 pounds. I used it on a 4 day James Peak Wilderness backpacking trip. I put the Big Agnes Insulated Core sleeping pad in the built in sleeve. I didn't have much trouble blowing up the pad, and putting it in the bag. I did this in my tent without much issue. I do agree with other reviews that it doesn't feel quite as warm as other 30% bags. But I was comfortable on that big 2.5 inch pad. I do not like the mummy fit bags, so this bag gives you a full 6-7… Full review

Feathered Friends Great Auk

rated 4 of 5 stars The Great Auk is designed as an overbag, but also serves as an excellent stand-alone bag. Like all Feathered Friends bags, it is superbly made from top-notch materials. There is no insulation on the underside, but a polyester sleeve that accepts a ground pad. The cut is a bit odd--roomy around the shoulders and foot, but narrower in the middle. This makes it less than ideal for its intended purpose as an overbag. It is a bit confining when used over a bulkier mummy. As a stand-alone bag, though,… Full review

Marmot Fusion 30

rated 4 of 5 stars Used this bag over the past year and I have found that around 20-25 degrees F. it gets a little cold, almost chilly, which I expected as it is a thirty deg. bag. I put a pair of thermal underwear on over the length of my legs and I was fine. But the bottom of the bag was cold even on top of a Therm-a-rest trail pad which translated into lower back pain. I understand that I should have had a thicker pad and a lower rated bag. I am fully satisfied with all Marmot bags I have tried. This is a great… Full review

Marmot Fusion 15

rated 5 of 5 stars I sleep like a baby while others stay awake in a cold night. Yes Fusion 15 give me the most convenience and warmth feel than other bag I've ever used. Absolutely a comfort bag. Full review

Big Agnes Crystal 30°

rated 5 of 5 stars Wow, this bag is awesome. It is definitely three seasons only, and perhaps a little too warm for a summer bag. But, it is perfect for the spring and fall. You get the best of both worlds with the dualmax (down/synthetic) insulation. It packs down small and is very light. It is the most comfortable bag I have had in years. Combine it with the insulated air core pad and you have a killer system that is comfortable and warm. I love not waking up off my pad anymore. And because it's not a mummy and… Full review