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Surtsey Hat

rated 4 of 5 stars Love this hat. Warm, windproof, looks good, fits. Kind of pricey. I was given this hat while in Stockholm. Wore it through a Swedish winter with no complaints. Full review

Surtsey Hat

rated 2 of 5 stars Nice hat, but not as tough as the vikings that designed it. Internal wind barrier is a nice plus. I initially liked this hat when I first got it, but several weaknesses are evident. The internal wind barrier is VERY crinkly when new, but that worked (stretched) its way out shortly. The material is not super stretchy, and the hat is not large enough to cover my ears. If its very cold, I must wear my polartec beanie underneath it to stay warm.  After one simple bump into a tree branch, this knit… Full review

Glymur Softshell

rated 4.5 of 5 stars I purchased this jacket at a bargain price in a local TKMaxx. I have an Arcteryx Gamma jacket of the same material that retails at £200, three times as much as the 66 North. It is beautifully made and finished with contrasting trim. An excellent wind baffle strip prevents wind or wet getting through the zip. A close tailored fit means that you feel almost as if you are wearing an armour plated layer as the material feels pretty substantial! Quite warm, almost totally windproof and has the additional… Full review

Glymur Pant

rated 0.5 of 5 stars It was a birthday gift from my wife. Gave her a big hug and kisses. However those pants started leaking in the first rain after I had them for 4 months. Very disappointing buy for $390. Very stylish, but they didn't keep the rain out in my case. Full review

Porsmork Down Parka

rated 5 of 5 stars Probably the lightest, warmest, cosiest and most comfortable jacket I have ever owned. Bought one whilst in Iceland as the jacket I had just didn't cut it in that cutting icy wind. Jacket is extremely well made, all stitching and taped seams are of the highest quality workmanship. Also tested this parka whilst on motorbike is torrential, driving cold, horizontal rain for hours on end and arrived home utterly warm and dry. Would recommend this garment to anyone. Full review

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66°North, established in Iceland in 1926, specializes in clothing for land and sea.

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