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Mini Alcohol Stove

rated 4 of 5 stars Easy and cheap. Simplicity of alcohol stoves. Enjoy the lack of technology and parts. I used many different stoves and think the alcohol stove is easy to use, cheap to buy, not a technical piece of equipment, lacks parts that wear out, and works, even in winter. I use an angel food cake mold as a wind screen (car camper nowadays). Just be careful with the invisible daytime flame and be aware it is heating, just not as fast as you would like. Full review

Mini Alcohol Stove

rated 4.5 of 5 stars A great knockoff Trangia Mini stove without the pots from China. If like me you are finding the escalating cost of fossil fuels for your stove not to your liking this little beauty is well worth consideration. Here in New Zealand a canister of butane for a Jetboil can be as high as $17 in the more remote areas. Butane is quick and easy, alcohol is slower and dirt cheap.  This Alocs stove comes with a fuel proof cap, a simmer top and a pot stand which the stove fits inside, all in a small mesh bag,… Full review

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