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Alpine Design Hiker Biker II

rated 4.0 of 5 stars

The Hiker Biker II has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best tents and shelters for 2024.

photo: Alpine Design Hiker Biker II tent/shelter

I recently purchased the Alpine Design Hiker Biker II one man tent and had a chance to break it in. This is not the Hiker Biker.

The main tent has a "bathtub" and at mesh body. Mine also comes with a rain fly. The tent overall is light and sturdy. I was able to sleep comfortably inside, but there is very little headroom for sitting.

I read several reviews, before buying this particular tent, and it seemed everyone had the same complaint. Most everyone got wet. The first rule with any new tent is seam seal and waterproof it before using it and not just the rain fly waterproof and seem seal the floor as well. This should be done immediately with any tent whether it cost $25 or $400.

I spent the weekend camping in mixed weather conditions and properly preparing this tent paid off. It rained pretty hard Friday night and not a drop made it into the tent. This tent also ventilates very well. I think the improved design has a lot to do with this. I did not experience any issues with condensation. As with all tents a ground cloth is also essential. you can use plastic, Tyvec or a tarp. 

There are a few things that I would upgrade if you decide to purchase the Hiker Biker II. Replace the stakes with aluminum or titanium to cut down weight. The stakes supplied are not the best. I would also replace the guylines with something a little brighter. Boy Scouts don't always watch where they are walking and quite a few tripped over the guylines.

Now to address the other big compliant about this tent, and the one I agree with most. The tent comes with to very thin fiberglass poles, I didn't break mine like others have, but I would recommend replacing them with aluminum or titanium. There are sites like Tentpole Technologies — — that you can purchase replacements from. 

I know that it would seem crazy to spend money upgrading a $30 tent, but I believe that this tent will last a good long time with a few upgrades and proper care. 

Price Paid: $27.99

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