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Alpine Design Hiking Boot

rated 2 of 5 stars

The Hiking Boot has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best hiking boots for 2024.

Good at any price, but GREAT at the price I paid—good fit, comfort, support, water repellency and grip.


  • It is priced for the frugal.
  • The quality is quite decent.
  • Performs well.


  • They are not equal to the quality of expensive boots.
  • They can benefit from good supportive insoles

I bought these women's size 8.5 to replace a pair of Red Wings I'd had for years that were misplaced in a move. These boots seem to run pretty true to size with plenty of room for my wide feet.

They were good for several miles straight out of the box and never chaffed or rubbed. The arch support needs a little beefing up, but I was able to do that with some inserts I already had.

I don't usually need waterproof boots that keep my feet warm on my routine day hikes, so these were bought specifically for a hike up Kilimanjaro in colder weather than I usually hike. I've been training hard in them. I haven't adequately tested their ability to handle cold, but they do great in rain and 'light' stream crossings. 

I am confident they will serve me well, but I'll update my review if they don't. I don't expect they will give the decades of service my old boots gave, but they were about 15% of the current price of boots like my old ones.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $40

Cheap garbage — do not buy these boots unless you like having wet feet.


  • OK comfort
  • Price


  • Sole breaks off from boot after about 20-30 uses
  • No support — out of luck if they break after the store's return policy

I bought these back around October. I use them to walk my dog about 2-4 miles per day. However, I use these only in snow and rain or when there is still a lot of residual mud on the foot trails that we use.

At first, these were great — inexpensive, no problems. Then, I felt some leakage going through puddles back in the middle of December. I looked at them this week and realized that the souls split from the top of the shoe.

Given the intermittent amount of times I used this, it is absurd that these broke so quickly. I had old boots that lasted me years — this piece of junk didn't even last a few months of use. Garbage.

Finally, if you decide to buy these anyway, buy them at a place with a good return policy. Keep in mind that Sports Authority only has a 30-day return policy.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $30

I really love this boot and I've been hiking twenty to thirty miles a week with it in rugged terrain with a pack in the mountains of Southern California, it gets wet inside and my feet get all pruney but that's cause I'm sweating so much and haven't started changing socks yet.

It has a much wider toe box than almost every other shoe I've tried on (I've tried on every shoe at REI and Adventure 16) and they have an even wider model available. It's comfortable and I've been trying to beat these up by hiking through steep rubble, kicking rocks, jumping in puddles etc because I'm training for the Appalachian Trail.

I like this boot; HOWEVER, I went through a couple at the store that were messed up inside (bad WP insert alignment, bunched up insole etc). It's a good boot but they need to have better quality control from the factory. If you inspect the boot well before you buy it and try on a few different ones, you'll get a great boot for a very great price.

Materials: Leather
Use: rough trail / 40lb pack
Break-in Period: two days
Price Paid: $69.99

I bought a pair at the end of September 2008. In July of 2009 I noticed a seam opening up on the left shoe. I've read comments that you get what you pay for, etc. I expect, even a low cost hiking shoe, to last at least a year without structural defects. I've bought cheaper tennis shoes that've lasted for years.

I hike in them a couple of times a week for 1 - 2 hours at a time. So eight months times 8 hours a month means I got 64 hours of actual hiking out of them before they started coming apart. About par with the amount of time a video game lasts for the same price. I do expect my hiking shoes to be a better value than a video game - call me foolish.

This may indeed be par for the course at this price point, but I'll try other manufacturers first to see if that's really the case. Goodbye Alpine Design...

Materials: leather
Use: short day hikes
Break-in Period: ?
Weight: ?
Price Paid: $40

They hurt my feet. Bad!!!


  • Looks great


  • Feels terrible

Bought at Dicks Sporting Goods on sale for around $50. The boots look great, lace well, and feel comfortable for just walking around short distances. Once I got a pack on and hit the trails, however, after 3 miles I felt like sharp blades were stabbing me on the balls and heels of both feet. It ruined a backpacking trip.

I decided to give them another chance a year later and wore them for flat terrain walking with my pack on to practice for Grand Canyon. Again, intense foot pain on both sides. I’m a marathon runner and used to being on my feet for long distances. These boots are awful.

I decided to just pay the money and get some Salomons instead.


Hike frequently, but always used running shoes. Bought these to start backpacking. Should have taken running shoes on the trip.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $50

Looked good and price seem reasonable when I bought them on a trip in California 6 months ago. It's a brand name that I have known of for over 30 years here in Colorado where I live. However, I did not realize that this is no longer the same company.

I used the boots maybe 8 separate days and walked maybe 15 total miles in them before the main seam on the left boot completely came apart. There is a big hole where the stitching used to be. The boots would be OK if not for the garbage seam.

The boots are of a waste of money IMO and whoever is currently making them is deceiving their customers by using a well known established brand name and giving zero customer support. I have found zero way to contact the manufacturer or importer. Would never buy an Alpine Design product again.

Materials: leather
Use: short day hikes
Break-in Period: not needed, soft from start
Weight: about 2 lbs for the pair
Price Paid: about $60

Version reviewed: w42154cc

Bought a pair of w42154cc 3 months ago from Sports Authority :(

I bought these boots 3 months ago. Love the fit and the comfort. I work in an office most of the time but do go outside to unload trucks. Perfect, I thought. 

They were supposed to be waterproof. My feet got wet, then my husband put waterproofing on them because he used to be an avid hiker. Leak terrible. When I took them off and started looking at the soles they are cracked by the tread. 

Called Sports Authority. Yeah, that doesn't work. 30 day return policy.  Needless to say I will find my boots elsewhere and I won't be buying another pair of Alpines. No customer service number even to call.   BS!!!!

Source: bought it new

Not bad. I do have a suggestion below if the manufacturer is reading this.


  • Bobbed heal makes it easier to walk. Rolling effect. My wide foot fits pretty good in the boot after break in period


  • Hard to tighten shoe laces without tearing up the laces.

Not bad.  I do have suggestion if manufacturer is reading this.  

Get rid of the first four pairs of shoe lace eyes. When I try to tighten the shoe lace they cut into the outer layer of lace. I have separated the outer wrap from the nylyon core.  I suspect the core will go out in a week. I have to tighten them to keep foot from flopping around.  Eyes should be more rounded at the corners or resemble the "D" ring eye (#5).

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $40

Purchased these shoes enroute to a 10-day trek in North NY 3 years ago. Had no time for "break in." Started the trip the next morning. Most comfortable shoe I have EVER worn. Never a sore spot or other problem. Waterproof.

Been on 2 ten day Appalachian Trail trips, and numerous weekend trips since. Great in snow, wet, mud! Wear them all the time with my Canine Search team. Last week went looking for a replacement pair (because tread is finally wearing out), but can't find the same model, even in Sports Authority.

Anyone know if they are still manufactured? Shoe states "Alpine Design" Support System and Waterproof on various labels.

Materials: Synthetic fabric?
Use: Wilderness SAR, rough trails
Break-in Period: 0
Weight: 2 to 4 pounds
Price Paid: $45

Model: M41067BC Size 11.5

I had no grand expectations from these leather boots, after all I was paying less than $50. I simply wanted them to be comfortable and waterproof.

They were and are comfortable but after one week-long trip to Eastern Sierra (camping not backpacking) and some additional light use (in my back yard) the left sole has split and now leaks. If one presses their finger in the center of the soles; it feels spongy and 'gives' like the sole of a flip-flop. I can't wear them in the rain or mud.

I won't buy them again.

Price Paid: $49

My brother bought these boots for work, recommended from the store, being waterproof and all. However after 2 months the seams wore out, especially on the left foot and he went to Sports Authority to replace them or get another brand and they told him that they could not help him.  

My brother is currently working two part time jobs to make ends meet and was totally disappointed in the service he received from Sports Authority. Please do not buy any shoes from this establishment, as they do not provide customer service or back their products.

Price Paid: $60

Yes, an eyelet came off once. A little epoxy, and it never happened to the others. Glacier Peak WP almost worn out. I can't find more.

Have several other shoes and boots, but only want to wear these. Light, comfortable and wide. Bought some sandals and am happy with them as well. Sale price was way worth it.

You all need to kill something and try making your own shoes or repair them. In case you didn't know, they are made in China. We are too lazy to make our own!

Price Paid: $29.99

Boot (Glacier Peak WP) lasted five weeks before the eyelet pulled out. Sports Authority won't do anything since I had them more than 30 days and they can't find the phone number to Alpine Design.

No matter what I pay I expect more than 5 weeks. I asked the shoe rep. at Sports Authority if their products were only good for 30 days and he said yes. So if you want merchandise to last longer than 30 days I recommend you shop somewhere  else!

Price Paid: $39.99

Poor quality, no customer service, and way overpriced. I thought I was getting an affordable pair of hiking boots. Less than 3 weeks after buying them, they were finally broke in.

Problem is, the seams on them blew out before I even had a chance to take them on a trail. Now I have a pair of worthless boots that I paid $70 dollars for. Next time you're at Sports Authority, walk past this brand, and go for something (anything) different.

Materials: leather
Use: hiking
Break-in Period: 2 weeks
Weight: 4 lbs
Price Paid: $70

Bought Alpine Design 11W boots 3 years ago and bought 2 more pairs since (I wore out the first after many-many hikes on rocky terrain. The Wide design fits my feet perfectly. The thick, solid leather and soles are excellent.

Yes, the seams are weak (may break after the boots get repeatedly wet), but 2 years use for $39.995 is SUPERB VALUE to me!

I plan to buy more at Sports Authority (never had any problem getting service from them. Good store.)

Price Paid: $39.95

Too funny. People pay $40 for hiking boots and then write a bad review because it did not perform like $400 boots. The boot is worth every dollar I spent on it.

I'm not a big time hiker, went out West for the first time ever hiking for 10 days around Southern Utah and Northern AZ. They were just fine. I'll probably not hike again for a few years, so for the way I use them they are just fine.

Materials: Leather
Use: Rough Trail, heavy pack.
Break-in Period: 3 days walking around before hike
Price Paid: $39.95

You get what you pay for. Very little ankle support. The sole of it is very thin. If you only plan on hiking once or twice a year on very easy trails (i.e. a paved road or gravel) this might be the boot; for all others probably want to avoid this one.

Price Paid: $25 after 50% off

This is the best pair of hiking boots I have had for under $50. They are, as advertised...waterproof.

I snowshoe in them and hike in them. I abused them for three years and over 300 miles before a seam finally gave way... the best $50 bucks I ever spent on shoes.

Materials: Leather
Use: Hiking
Break-in Period: none needed
Price Paid: $49

My husband bought these boots for hiking in Yosemite. The boot was unwearable after 3 days of hiking. The insole compressed so much it felt like walking with rocks in your shoe. Wish I had read the reviews before we bought them.

Price Paid: $29.97

After using it once, I noticed that the the inside of the sole of his left foot was loose, making the removal of the boot very hard and only possible with the use of a shoehorn.

Materials: leather
Use: motorcycle ride
Break-in Period: first use
Weight: 100 kg
Price Paid: US$ 40


  • Comfortable
  • Cheap


  • Sole came off after 20 hikes. Won't be buying an Alpine Design hiking boot ever again

Sole came off after 20 hikes.

Source: bought it new

They call it a hiking boot, well think again. There is more sole on the bottom of wrestling shoe. My advice, don't buy them especially at Sports Authority because you can't return.

Materials: leather upper balance
Use: was for short dayhikes
Break-in Period: 1 hour hike- then I wanted to toss them.
Weight: 5 # 's at this rate it does not matter.
Price Paid: $40

Side seams blew out on both shoes within 6 months of random use. Crap.

Price Paid: $40

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