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Arc'teryx Bora 90

The Bora 90 has been discontinued. It was replaced by the Arc'teryx Bora AR 63.

The original Arc'teryx Bora pack series was discontinued in 2014. The newly redesigned Bora AR pack series currently only goes up to a 63-liter size.


Price Reviewers Paid: $275.00


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This is my first "real" backpack. I chose the arcteryx primarily because I found a good deal on the internet (which anyone will tell you is NOT the best way to look for a pack!). I had a lot of demands in a pack as I am an all seasons backpacker/snowshoer/skiier plus I needed a pack big enough to carry all my stuff from seasonal job to seasonal job.

Fortunately for me, I love this pack and the way it fits me. I can stuff (almost) all my worldly belongings into this pack and then comfortably carry them around without feeling burdened. I did a lot of backpacking by myself this summer, which meant that I carried around a LOT (probably too much) of stuff and then went out and bushwacked, crossed rivers, and climbed up steep scree slopes. I found that the pack was always comfortable and well balanced. It took me a little bit to get used to all of the different straps and how to adjust them, but once I did it was great--very easy to adjust even when hiking along.

One of my favorite things about this particular pack that is different on the newer model is that on the 90, the front pocket detatches and can be used as a compression area- very handy for storing Tevas or muddy boots. My only complaint about the 90 is that the top lid doesn't convert to a fanny pack- I have contacted arcteryx about somehow fixing this and am confident that something good will happen, they have been easy to deal with in the past. I also have the women's shoulder straps instead of the men's, which I must say makes a WORLD of difference. I really can't say enough about this pack. All of my friends are jealous! I would also reccommend MEC as a good retail outlet for arcteryx, they always have the good stuff for a little bit cheaper, eh?

Design: internal frame
Size: ~5500
Number of Pockets: 2 (1 front, 1 top)
Max. Load Carried: around 55 lbs.
Height of Owner: 5'10"
Price Paid: $275 (clearance sale)

I hate to admit it, but I'm what you call an "over-packer." In searching for the pack that would carry all my "toys" I decided on the Arc'teryx for its excellent suspension and incredible craftsmanship. From its anatomic back panel that houses 7075 aluminum suspension system that molds beautifully to your back after a few excursions to the incredible way it transfers the heaviest loads onto your hips and not on your back is, to say the least, miraculous!

During a trip in the B.C. coastal mountain I was hesitant on the climb up to Wedgemount Lake, known for its vertical grades, boulder fields, and numerous creeklets. But after navigating through these obstacles the pack carried all my gear with apolmb and not to mention saved my back and shoulder from lingering pain or discomfort. The suspension is truly incredible!

Before you decide on shelling out more money for a Dana Design or a Gregory backpack take a look at an Arc'teryx You'll appreciate the quality and save "mucho dinero" (especially if you buy it from Canada, eh!) Thanks Arc'teryx for an awesome pack!!

Design: Internal
Size: 5,490 cu. in.
Number of Pockets: Uno (one)
Max. Load Carried: 55 lbs.
Height of Owner: 5'9
Price Paid: $375 (Cdn)

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