Arc'teryx Men's Naos 85

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photo: Arc'teryx Men's Naos 85 expedition pack (70l+)


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Price MSRP: $650.00
Historic Range: $389.95-$700.00
Reviewers Paid: $400.00
Weight 2.8 kg / 99 oz 2.9 kg / 102 oz 3 kg / 106 oz
Capacity 82 L / 5004 cu in, extends to 92 L / 5614 cu in 85 L / 51 87 cu in, extends to 93 L / 5675 cu in 88 L / 5370 cu in, extends to 96 L / 5858 cu in
Materials 420ACT fabric, Spacermesh™, 7075 aluminum stays, Kydex® frameshee 420ACT fabric, Spacermesh™, 7075 aluminum stays, Kydex® frameshee 420ACT fabric, Spacermesh™, 7075 aluminum stays, Kydex® frameshee


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When the forecast is for rain... this is the ticket!


  • As close as you can get to "waterproof"
  • Awesome suspension system
  • Easy to use even with cold, numb fingers


  • Discontinued model
  • I wish it had external pockets

Though now discontinued, I expect the dead bird will bring this pack back to life. It's too good to let it go to waste.

Let's start with the fact that it's virtually waterproof. 

It's like a roll top dry bag. I wouldn't bet money that it's perfectly waterproof if you turned over while canoeing a river. The so-called 'waterproof' zippers would be vulnerable at the ends where the slider tucks into the "zipper garage." But, submersion is different from rain. You could leave this pack out in a downpour without the slightest worry. I don't even bother to try to put it in a tent or under a tarp.

Perhaps the most impressive attribute is the suspension system. At first I thought the "load transfer disc" was a gimmick.


The swivel of the hip belt transfers the weight of the pack to the foot that is on the ground. The leg being lifted to take a step is not fighting the weight of the pack. I did not fully appreciate this until I was actually under load and on a trail. The hip belt is the most comfortable of any pack I have ever owned. 

Both the hip belt and shoulder straps are adjustable to accommodate variables in torso length. The shoulder straps also adjust for yoke width. The attachment points of this system can develop a squeak. A tube of white lithium grease was included with the new pack. Like the old Brylcream commercials, "A little dab'll do ya."

I have had the pack for four years. I'm taking off half a star because I wish it had a couple of external pockets.  I would like to see a pack made with this material, but with a few external pockets and maybe a daisy chain and some PALS or die cut MOLLE webbing. Options are limited for tying items on the outside of the pack.

Pictures to follow in an update.

Source: It was about $650, but I got it 'free' with my Moosejaw rewards points.


Thanks for the review, Cadenza. I'll look forward to your pics.

5 years ago
Go Time! (Jesse Maloney) BRAND REP

I have the Bora 95 and I love it. It really is the most water tight pack I've owned over the last 30 years.

5 years ago
Jake W

If you think the Bora is water tight you should see the Naos. The two aren't even in the same league. The Naos, Arrakis and Acrux are all discontinued but they are far superior. It's like comparing the fastest Mercedes sportscar to its sprinter van, same manufactor, different class.

5 years ago
Go Time! (Jesse Maloney) BRAND REP

Seriously?! Then I have to find one just out of intrigue.

5 years ago

I love this big pack. I was looking for a pack that will be big, but not crazy big and will carry well 30KG and more. I have it with me for two years now and it's looking good! I used it almost every day for six months.

This pack carries great! When I go with 20-25KG I hardly feel it at all! I don't think you can really not feel 30-35KG but it still carries great and I can keep on going for hours with no need to take it off because of sore shoulders etc. And this is what I want from a pack!

The way it's built: I've been out with it in the rain, and it stays dry. Not crazy rain, but good rain and snow, also left it outside of my tent few times at night. Waterproof or watertight—I don't mind, everything stays dry inside. The fabric is robust and nothing shows on it.

Not the same with the straps—I would say they are too soft for the long run, already show some signs of wear.

The mono frame is great! No wonder they now use it on their new packs! The same applies to the hipbelt with the load transfer disk—till you try it on with heavy weight you just can't understand how go it feel!

The first thing I did with my pack when I got it was a weekend trip and I had it full with beer on top of my gear—35KG out of the box (I only weight 70GK!). Just play with the load transfer straps and you feel how everything sits in place. The hipbelt will move with you or sit nice and firm.

My problem with it is that also in size S; I think that the hipbelt is too wide! I'm just in between S-M and find S to be better with for me with most packs, but this hipbelt is a tiny bit too wide and sometimes digs in. If I wear it too low it sits on my bum and too high goes to my ribs and belly. I don't think most folk will have problems with it, but you never know.

The total weight VS size is great and when you think how much you can carry with it! So I am super happy with this pack, and it is my to go pack when the need comes for a pack that size! 

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $650

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