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Ratsack Cache Bag

rated 5 of 5 stars This bag will save the rodent population from me. So I've been an avid backpacker for 20+ years and never knew these existed. I've never had rodent problems where I've been until this last year where I've had two campsites bothered by relentless deer mice in Joshua Tree and a tent ruined by squirrels eating the zipper in Malibu. So while planning a 30-mile trip in the Grand Canyon I became aware that rodent-proof wire mesh bags are required just like bear cans are required in the Sierras. Apparently… Full review

Ratsack Cache Bag

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Best solution to store and protect food if you are not using a bear can. I have purchased the large and small sizes and have been using both for over 6 years. Have had birds and rodents get into fabric and nylon bear bags but have not had any problems with these. The large rat sack will hold enough food items to challenge you when hanging it in a tree. The single rope hanging method works very well but you need to have a rope that will support the weight and slide over your branch. The rat sacks… Full review

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