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Asolo 650

rated 4.0 of 5 stars

The 650 has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best backpacking boots for 2023.

Another great boot from Asolo. Bought these for more ankle support than the Asolo 520 has. They are a little heavier but you get used to that and the extra support is great for what I do. Working on a ski hill in Colo., walking up and down the runs keeping them trimmed. Never had an Asolo boot fail me yet in 9+ years. Highly recommend any of their boots, but stay away from the lighter made shoes.

Price Paid: $250

These boots are comfortable and provide reasonably good support but I have had a problem with a bit too much volume inside. I wear size 11 (EUR 44.5) and had to use a Superfeet insole to take up some of the volume. This helps a little but my feet still slide slightly going downhill. If you don't have problems with the interior volume, my initial impressions are that this is a good boot. Given the price, you may want to be sure that the fit is good before you commit to the boot. In terms of durability, they appear to be holding up so far, but I'd have a better idea in another 6-9 months or so.

I now have a pair of Salomon SM9's that I'm trying out as well. The SM9s (also about $245) appear to be much more suitable for me in terms of interior volume, but I don't yet know how they compare on the performance and durability fronts.

Materials: Leather, Gore-Tex
Use: Rough trail, heavy pack, climbing
Break-in Period: 3-4 months
Weight: About 5 lbs
Price Paid: $245

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