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Asolo Globaline Latitude

rated 3.00 of 5 stars

The Globaline Latitude has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best backpacking boots for 2023.

After much arduous shopping, I found the boot that would finally fit my wide feet. They seem huge and clunky, but performed so well on the trail, every trip I recognized how much I love my boots. They are spacious and comfortable, and extremely supportive, even on harsh terrain.

My Latitude boots lasted 10 years, but then at the turnaround for an out and back hike, I noticed the sole coming off the right boot. It only took a few more steps before it came off completely :( I had to finish the hike with no outsole, but the material left was still stiff and durable enough I could still walk with confidence, having only to be cautious of traction/ friction areas. My foot/leg was extra tired at the end, but my boot still got me home even without the sole.

I think 10 years is a respectable stretch for a boot, but I'm sad to see them go.

Materials: leather, plastic, rubber
Use: varied terrain, moderate time usage, moderate pack
Break-in Period: short
Weight: unknown
Price Paid: $160

I've had my Latitudes for seven years and they're off getting resoled right now. I worked as a string trimmer on a landscaping crew for two seasons and put 15-20 miles a day on these boots. Never once, even from the beginning, have my feet been sore, too cold, too hot or too wet. I'm a big guy (220 lbs) and the skiboot-like build of the boot provided rock-solid support over every imaginable kind of terrain and satisfying comfort in every conceivable weather. I've fished in them up to my knees in cold water and trimmed grass in blazing summer heat and am simply dumbfounded at the Latitudes' ability to regulate temperature.

I drive a bunch of computers for my job now, but last week took over for my old boss on the landscaping crew for a day so he could tend to some personal business. I string trimmed all day like I'd never left. I didn't have any pain in my feet or legs in the subsequent days and once again marveled at the Latitudes' ability to take repeated swipes from fully accelerated .080 string with no scratches on the boots. The pulleys are the coolest and a good coating of grass makes them look even better.

Materials: leather, plastic, lots of rubber
Use: hiking, landscaping
Break-in Period: none
Weight: 2 lbs
Price Paid: $190

these are some heavy weight boots. the look makes you think youre wearing bulletproof shoes. but once you hit some hard terrain, all the looks paid its price.

after 5 days in the baja desert and mountains the boots started falling apart. the second day the sole of the left boot peeled off and falleed somewhere in the desert. the only thing i liked is that the internal frame provides support and helped me to walk to my next rendezvou point to change my shoes. and i did what i should have done in the firs place: go back to my old (but trusted) Raichle, they know how to make boots that last. these Raichle (my 3rd pair) have lasted 5 years and a lot of abuse, from 20 day in hard rock trips, construction sites, misuse (and abuse) with chemicals and acid, and all that has gone is the original color. even the sole is in good condition.

Materials: plastic, leather.
Use: rough terrain, deser and mountains in the Baja
Break-in Period: 3 months regular weekend use
Weight: 2 Kg
Price Paid: $120

I thought I had found "The" boot for my trip around the world. Sadly, I was mistaken and the boots didn't live up to their name. First, the strings were constantly shreaded in the upper eyelets. The boots are impossible to break in as the high rubber around the toes don't allow the boot to streatch to the foot causing constant blisters. The boot also doesn't allow the foot to breath and moisture is constantly building up inthe boot. The leather of the tounge was first to go because of this. Then the laces started shreading the outer side of the tounge. Also had problems withthe leather separating from the upper rubber of the sole. Finally, the plastic ankle support cracked on me. It took all of 7 months for the boots to self distruct.

I'm realy disapointed. I've owned two pairs of Asolo's in the past; Super Scouts. Both pair lasted me 7 years each. The GlobalLine lasted all of 7 months. That should tell me something shouldn't it.

Materials: Leather
Use: World trek
Break-in Period: 6months

Version reviewed: 2

I would like to begin this review with an apology. After buying these boots and going out on one trip, I basically claimed that they were God's gift to feet. I was wrong.

While extremely comfortable in the store, they began to hurt on my third trip. The wrap-around plastic started to dig into my ankles. They also began to smell horribly. The sole I figured out became a lot to handle while not on a trail. It was very heavy and clunky. They were very waterproof, though.

Alas, I apologize for recommending these boots, which I'm afraid did not live very long. Mine ended up being stolen, which gave me an opportunity to buy some new, different boots.

I decided on the One Sport Moraines, which after careful consideration and many trips, adore. You can read my review of those boots also. I have not made the same mistake twice. Careful testing has been done on these.

Materials: leather
Use: rough trail w/ heavy pack
Break-in Period: week of walking around the house
Weight: 3 1/2 lbs.
Price Paid: $190

Version reviewed: 1

These are some VERY nice boots. They are about a thousand times better than my Vasque Sundowners, which I have only had for about a year. They were extremely comfortable when I tried them on in the store, and have only gotten better.

The pulley lacing system makes it easier not only to tighten the boots but also loosen them, so you end up with an all around better fit. The synerjection, where plastic matter is injected into a waterproof/breathable fabric makes them VERY waterproof, unlike my gore-tex Sundowners, which let water breathe through after a while.

My only dislike is they are also ugly, but I can live with that.

Materials: Leather, suede
Use: rough/no trail with heavy pack
Break-in Period: 1 week (only) of walking around
Weight: think about 3 lbs. ?
Price Paid: $190

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