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Asolo Women's TPS 535

photo: Asolo Women's TPS 535 backpacking boot


Price MSRP: $215.00
Historic Range: $156.93-$209.98
Reviewers Paid: $140.00


3 reviews
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4-star:   1
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A few points first. I always wear all-leather, have wide feet, am not worried about the weight (those are half the weight of my Gronells). I've owned various hiking/mountaineering boots. I'm an experienced hiker. And I replaced the insoles. I wear a liner inside my hiking socks. I have a problem spot on the base of my pinky toe that usually requires to be punched out.

Now, the review. I can NOT find anything negative about them. The Asolos were perfect on a 59-km hike through steep mountains of NorthWest (I took them brand-new). Soles are comfortable but hard enough to protect your feet. Great ankle support. I walked through many bogs with gaiters, Asolos, and sno-seal. I'm considering buying another pair to keep for the future.

Materials: leather
Use: rough trails with moderate/heavy pack
Break-in Period: 1 day
Weight: unknown
Price Paid: C$250

Excellent long lasting comfortable boots.

I bought my first pair of these boots more than 10 years ago and they hiked all of the Long Trail and more. I carry from 25-30 lbs on 2- to 4-day overnight hikes. My old boots are beat up on the outside, but still very usable and have been put on consignment at my local gear shop.

As I have aged, my foot size has changed, so I have purchased another new pair of the exact same boot one size larger, with the Goretex. Instantly comfortable. Looking forward to many years of use and these boots taking me many miles on future trails.

Fit: With a green Superfeet footbed, my heel stays in place and it feels great. I have arthritis in my feet, so this is a big deal. I thought my hiking days were over, until I got these boots and the proper footbed, and then I hit the Long Trail and did the whole thing. Amazing! The lacing is easy to use and adjust. Excellent ankle support and great Vibram gripping sole has saved me from a nasty accident many times.

Comfort: Minimal break-in time. I wore the boots around town for a couple of weeks and then hit the trail. My feet get tired as they would on any hike, but I don't get blisters. No chaffing or friction if tied so the heel stays in place.

Support: Excellent. Very well designed for support while still allowing needed ankle bend while climbing rocks.

Water Resistance: I have slogged through "Vermud" on the Long Trail up to my ankles and no water from outside got inside. Keep the leather treated for best results.

Traction: Excellent, great grip on rocky climbs and descents on Mansfield and other peaks. When rocks are wet, beware as you would with any boot.

Temp Control: Nice and toasty in winter, with one pair of wool socks. Good in cool spring and fall.  I did find that they were too warm in high summer, but I use lighter hiking shoes for warm weather.

Ease of Use: Easy on and off. Easy to care for with SnoSeal or other recommended leather product. Brush off the dirt, slick on the stuff and go. 

Features: I have been very happy with my boots for over 10 years. Love them. They got more comfortable over time until my feet got bigger from age, so I got the same boots again a couple of weeks ago. Took them out hiking this past weekend and they are great.  I like the way dirt, leaves, twigs can't get in but they are easy to take on and off. Nice soft leather inserts around the tongue.

Construction and Durability: I have used my old boots for over 10 years and they are going strong. I would still be using them if my feet had stayed the same size. Someone can probably get another 10 years out of them. I wore them HARD and got them muddy and wet and dinged up on rocks and they are still in good shape. The soles wore a little on the heels, but otherwise the Vibram soles are fine.

Conditions: I used these boots for over 10 years, on the Long Trail in wet, snow, mud, rocks, winter, spring and fall. I have hiked in them and also used them for snowshoeing. No problems, no repairs needed. The lacing system and leather components are fully intact. Can't believe how great these boots hold up. 

Price: I got these boots for just under $200 at EMS in 2003. I got the new pair in Oct 2014 for a little over $200 at EMS. I would say I have gotten my money's worth and more. They are well worth the price.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $195 in 2003


Welcome to Trailspace, Carol! Thanks for sharing a great review of your boots. It sounds like they have done well. I'd love to see a picture of them in your review, if you're willing to add one.

6 years ago

Love the boots. I have been backpacking and horsing around in them for three years now. I exerienced minimal break-in and foot stress. Have one problem--the toe rubber comes apart from the boot far before the boot is worn out. I had another friend have the same problem w/these boots. If it weren't for this, I'd rate this boot a five+ for sure. It'd be cool if Asolo would remedy this problem. I'm in the market for another pair but am torn as to whether I should buy them again. I think I might--along with a big tube of super-glue.

Materials: leather
Use: from day hikes to backpacking rough terrain
Break-in Period: not very long--easy break in.
Weight: ?
Price Paid: $140

rated 4.50 of 5 stars All TPS 535 versions

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