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Asolo Yukon

rated 4.0 of 5 stars

The Yukon has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best backpacking boots for 2024.

This is the best pair of boots I have ever even heard using them for over 30 years...and from talking on the trails about boots (and other equipment) to the many I have hiked with and met on the on the rocky paths.

Read my review...I abused these boots and they loved me back.


  • Long term durability and comfort


  • With full leather a lot of water pro to keep feet dry, but woth the effort

Wow, I stumbled on this thread by chance while looking for new hiking boots on the market today that I need for a backpacking trip I'm going on next month. I think nostalgia and indecision got the best of me and I Googled the name of my lifelong hiking boots.

I bought a pair of Asolo Yukons when I was 17 in the early '80s...can't remember the price. I live in the Canadian Rockies and used these an insane amount for about 30 years. After they were broken in they fit like a glove forever.

These boots have run and slid down literally a thousand scree slopes, been buried in the muddy trails of the West Coast, kicked steps in the corn snow of Mt. Saint Helen's and the like, clumsily bumped into a million rocks and roots...and finally, with regret I had to say goodbye; not because of the boot but because my feet were flattening out and getting just a bit too long for the boot.

These things are a bit heavy and old school. These days you look a bit like a Swiss climbing guide from years gone by, but at the end of the day you put your flip-flops on and feel great while your friends nurse their aching feet.

I totally lucked into these boots when I was a keen-young-inexperienced wanna-be hiker / backpacker and I have never (ever) met someone—and I've met so many—that can brag the same way about their boots that I can about these. Man, I loved these. They don't make them like this anymore (with product built-in redundancy and all in everything you buy now).

Even though I can't use them anymore (stupid feet), they are a man-cave wall feature now, just like an old pair of wooden skis, with stories to tell over a beer (or two) (or three). They have tread wear that can't happen without sweat, stories, and sweet memories.

One of the greatest purchases I have ever made!!!

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: Maybe low $200's

These boots will need to be put in your will and may need another owner after that.


  • Last forever


  • You'll never need a new pair of boots again

I'm a geologist and used these boots from North Dakota flat land, the Bear Teeth mountains and in rattlesnake filled canyons south of Lake Havasu, Arizona, and the boots never flinched once.  All aforementioned sites I used these boots to hike off trail and dig enormous craters with a shovel.  

Most well made boots lasted one season and were completely destroyed both uppers and soles. It's been 25 years and these Asolo Yukons are still in excellent shape. I've had them resoled some many times I really don't know if it's 3 or 5 soles that have been walked off of them.

They may have had a tough break-in period but I was 24 years old when they were new and didn't notice blisters or sore feet. When I wear them now they fit perfectly.  

Now that I'm older the insoles are kind of hard and unforgiving to my well used metacarpals. Thus I've given in to using the softer insole version of Asolo boots which will not last a lifetime or two like the Yukons.  

If you're tough, these boots are what you need.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $150 or $200

I stared out climbing with Galibier 'Puetereys' in the late '70s; when Galibier went out of business I started purchasing Asolo; my first model was the 'Couloir' which I used to climb such things as 'Liberty Ridge' and up to 20,000 feet in South America. When the 'Couloirs' wore out I got a pair of Yukons... I used these guiding in both the Wind Rivers and in the Sierras for a couple of years, and I must admit that they broke in very slowly (a fair amount of heel blisters); clients also had trouble with heel blisters. But this was sort of common back in the days of heavy leather mountain boots... one had to wait for the heels to soften up a bit (my trick was to soak them and then beat the hell out of the heel region with a hammer!). Well, I've had the 'Yukons' resoled once, and now that they are broken in they are super comfortable... I do everything in them from hut to hut trips in the Alps, to moderate snow and ice routes in Peru and Bolivia (up to 21,000 feet with homemade overboots). They are super boots but no longer available. Its getting hard to find Norwegian welt mountain boots; but they are still available if you look a bit on the inter-net.... cobblers prefer to resole them as well.

karl wilcox

Materials: leather
Use: mountaineering
Break-in Period: one year or more
Weight: 5 pounds
Price Paid: $200

Purchased in 1989 for a hike in the Himalayas. Re-soled them several years ago. Still the best fitting boot/shoe I own.


  • Durable beyond compare
  • Once broken in, excellent fit


  • Break-in can take time.

My boots still feel great after 25 years of usage. They needed to be resoled once, but given the mileage and terrain covered, fully expected and worth it.

My hikes are not as demanding as they used to be, but my feet are much more particular. These boots have molded to my feet, and I am hoping that I never need to buy another pair as they are very comfortable and provide excellent support.

They are heavy boots, and do take some getting used to. If you start out with a proper fit, and are patient, you will be rewarded with a comfortable boot to last a lifetime.

I give mine a generous rub of mink oil and every once in a while use a stiff brush to clean them.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: Top dollar but worth it

I bought the Asolos about 15 years ago. I've got wide feet and they were sooo stiff that I wore them less than an hour at first. An unanticipated hike in NH Whites back then was so painful I was barely able to manage the final half-mile to the van--these shoes were stronger than my feet.  

I stopped leading hikes about a decade ago and have used the Yukons only occasionally since then. But they're beginning to feel like gloves, except for the heels, which are still a bit too stiff.  

With the exception of one stainless steel rivet on a lace-guide that came loose as I tightening the laces, these Yukons seem nearly indestructible. Excellent ankle support, not overly heavy, slow to break in, they provide excellent stability on steep slopes.  

If I didn't have them, I'd look for a used pair.

Price Paid: $225

Others have obviously had the same problem with the lining leather cracking & falling apart. Mine are now worn out, the second sole is worn out & the welt is worn & stitching going -- but the uppers are in great shape -- the best outer leather on any boot I've had except Galibier Super Guides.

When I had them resoled, they came back about 1/2 size smaller than originally, so needed to change thickness of socks worn -- also had part of lining replaced at that time.

Over-all, I'd buy another pair if I could find them -- but I haven't seen any for sale for several years now. They were very good boots.

Materials: leather
Use: Backpack, peak bagging etc.
Break-in Period: 20-40 hrs (break feet into boots?)
Weight: ?
Price Paid: ??? (were $230 in 1980)

I have had the pleasure of being given a used pair of these boots. Didn't have to break them in but they are heavy leather so I'm sure it would take awhile. The word "bulletproof" fits them. they are an old fashioned pair of high quality leather waffle stompers. two piece tongue is soft and protects well from water and they give excellent support when carrying a heavy pack. They are a bit heavy for everyday hiking and wouldn't have minded a lighter insole, but they are comfortable and I would trust them in the most tough and remote situations. Designed to last a lifetime!

Materials: leather
Use: 'rough trail w/heavy pack
Break-in Period: haven't had the pleasure
Weight: 4 lbs
Price Paid: not sure

An ideal pair of boots for an Apocalypse. Durable, comfortable and easy to care for.


  • Minimal seams for waterproofing and longevity. Apocalypse proof.


  • Super heavy. Long break in. Eyelets and hooks cut laces frequently. Tongue drift.

Perhaps the most durable boots ever mass produced. Minimal seams. I found a pair on ebay for a good deal that fit well with fresh new soles and I'll retire before they do. Inderstand that these are good for about 1000 miles in alpine terrain!


Lots of trekking in alpine environments.

Source: bought it used
Price Paid: Paypal

These boots have been an incredible piece of equipment. I've had them since 1980 and have worn them for backpacking, snowshoeing, hiking, and as everyday winter-wear in Colorado. They have been effectively completely waterproof (pre-treated with Kiwi ShoeSaver then regularly with Kiwi WetProof) in all but a several hour hike in heavy rain.

I've had no durability problems of any sort with any aspect of the boots, but they need to be resoled soon. I would buy another pair in an instant if the new ones are anything like these.

Materials: all leather
Use: rough trail and off-trail with heavy pack
Break-in Period: about one month of heavy trail use
Weight: ca. 4-5 lbs
Price Paid: $120 (1980)

These boots have never really broken in. Worse yet, after about 6 months (about 1 month actual use) the leather linings began to fall apart, not just in one place, everywhere. This is even with me conditioning them regularly, and never having topped them with water. On the positive side, the outsides have held up. Given my experience, and the experience of my wife and a coworker with lighter weight Asolos, I won't buy from this company again - they fall apart. I think I'll go back to Danner.

Materials: Leather
Use: rough trail/off trail
Break-in Period: months
Weight: 4-5 lbs
Price Paid: $279

The rubber tread on both boots delaminated from the leather sole and fell off in the middle of a backpacking trip. If you think these are great boots, you can have mine.


  • None in this case


  • Left with no boots in the middle of Sierras

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: US $250


Ran the hell all over the Whites and every peak 4000' and higher in the East. Then, 15 years later, I took 'em to Israel and ran them all the hell all over the Golan and the mountains surrounding the Salt Sea.

Tough break in. But once broke in they fit like gloves. You can't break them in with less than 60 pounds on your back. After break in you don't need to carry the weight unless you want to.

Materials: leather rubber
Use: super duty mountaineering
Break-in Period: l-o-n-g but worth it
Weight: couple pounds
Price Paid: over $200

These boots will live longer than I will. I've beat on them off trail in the Sierra, Cascades, North Cascades, Wind Rivers and Beartooths in rain, snow, ice and dry. They are not nice to the feet for while, but once broken in they are bulletproof. My problem is that my feet have spread as I have aged and the boots that once fit are now too small.

Materials: leather
Use: rough trail - off trail with heavy pack. Snow
Break-in Period: long long
Weight: 4 or 5 lbs I'd guess
Price Paid: $230

Ten years and still going strong. The original soles have a lot of life yet. These boots are extremely durable. The best boots I have owned. Worth every penny. I have climbed and hiked many mountains in them. They work well with crampons. Ten years, how many boots work for that long? Let me know.

Materials: full leather
Use: mountaineering
Break-in Period: months
Weight: 5 lbs
Price Paid: $325

I've had these boots for over 20 years now, and I suspect they will last a lifetime. They fit like gloves from day 1, and provide fantastic support. I had them resoled once, and may have to again soon, but they are the most incredible boots I've ever had, and I do have others.

Materials: leather
Use: rough trail
Break-in Period: 6 months
Weight: 4 lbs
Price Paid: $125 CAN

These boots, purchased in 1980, have outlasted my newer pair of (highly-touted) AFX530s, as well as other newer boots. They still have the original soles and replacement yellow laces). Too heavy for the Costa Rica/Nicaragua trip, tho'. I had to wear something else *sigh*. But my feet thanked me.

Materials: SERIOUS missile-proof leather (roughout)
Use: Any abusive environment
Break-in Period: A long time, but worth it
Weight: 10 tons (each)- But I got HUGE hamstrings...
Price Paid: $100

I agree, BEST boots ever and BEST I've ever owned.


  • Bombproof


  • Heavy

I got some FOR SALE right now on E-Bay.


Spent twenty years+ on a couple of pairs prior.

Source: bought it used
Price Paid: $180

The leather lining disintegrated before the boots were even broken in. They didn't even last as long as a cheap pair of light weight boots. Anyone have an address for Asolo so I can send them back?

Materials: Leather
Use: rough trail w/heavy pack
Break-in Period: not yet
Weight: ??
Price Paid: $250

These boots are quite stable and with their half steel shank, they only flex at the toes. Not made for the high volume or wide foot. Try with a bouncy insole for comfort

Materials: Full grain leather
Use: rough trail / heavy pack
Break-in Period: 4 days dry or 1 day wet
Weight: 4lb
Price Paid: $230 CAN

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