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work boot

rated 1 of 5 stars I have bought 2 pair of boots in the last 2 months both pair on the bottom around where the heel is has busted out. the boot's are very comfortable but can't keep paying that much for something that doesn't last. I bought them at the Wal-mart in Crossville but didn't see any need in keeping the receipt so can't return them, I am a contractor and wear them to work everyday, but unfortunatly they don;t last long. Full review

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The Avid Outdoor brand is owned by Alliance Sports Group (a.k.a. Bollinger Fitness a.k.a. Bollinger industries). Alliance does not appear to be actively marketing the Avid brand, although two of their other brands -- Nebo Sports and WeatherRite Outdoor -- appear to have products similar to the Avid line.


Alliance Sports Group
602 Fountain Parkway
Grand Prarie, TX 75050

phone: (800) 255-6061

website: www.alliancesportsgroup.net