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Hot Weather Combat Hiker

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Excellent all around hiking boots. These boots are durable, comfortable, breathable, and provide good support. I got these boots after searching long for an affordable American made hiking boot. They are hot weather, non-waterproof military boots. I bought these online. They were discounted because of the¬†blemish seen below. These boots normally sell for around $250 but with this blemish I got them for $100. And to date, this blemish has caused no problems in fit or function. I bought these a little… Full review

Delta-9 Gore-Tex Side Zip

rated 5 of 5 stars Another solid pair of boots. I previously owned another pair of Bates boots, the GX-8 model, for years before I purchased these to replace them. My last pair saw me through 4 years of hard use and abuse hiking, backpacking, hunting, and in their later years yardworking. The only reason I replaced them was due to the tread wearing down to a point that the shoe was no longer comfortable for all day use (still use in the yard though!). This pair, as I said, was purchased to replace my original pair… Full review

GX-8 Gore-Tex Side Zip

rated 5 of 5 stars Best boots I have ever had. I have to wear higher boots when I hike, due to previous ankle injuries, and a good pair is always so hard to find. Often the higher boots (7+ inches) are winter specific hiking boots and come with insulation, and usually are coupled with a delightful camouflage pattern. I heard about Bates from a friend of mine while serving an LDS mission, he had brought a pair with him because they were waterproof and had a side zipper. They were perfect at the time for what we were… Full review

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Bates Footwear specializes in domestically developing and manufacturing boots and other uniform footwear for the military, as well as civilian police forces.


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