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rated 4 of 5 stars Bell has stopped making the Northwind, but it is a very satisfying boat to paddle and a good compromise between tracking and turning ability. It is light enough to portage in Royalex but able to handle both rocky rivers and the flats equally well. The Norhtwind is a capable boat that can handle a variety of paddling situations. The Royalex version is 16 1/2 feet with good secondary stablility and decent glide. It handles large lake waves and rapids pretty well, but not as well as the big trippers. Full review


rated 5 of 5 stars I've owned a Northstar for about 3 years now and the more I paddle it the more I like it. I put a kneeling thwart in for solo paddling and raised the back seat. It handles very nice with a heavy load and is very stable. I do a lot of paddling up in New York in the Saranac lakes region, it seems to be in its element there with the portages and paddling lake to lake. I bought this canoe used from an outfitter in Saranac Lake. The first time I got into it I almost fell out the other side. I wasn't… Full review

Seliga Tripper

rated 5 of 5 stars Two years ago my three sons and I traveled to the BWCA for a fabulous 8-day trip. Piragis did us a great service providing us with two new ash-trimmed Seliga's. The boats were perfect. Loaded with gear they tracked true and portaged with relative ease. They were dry through two considerable wind and rain storms and we had little difficulty with waves and weather vain affect.   I was glad for the extra free board when the severe weather hit and the slightly upturned ends are a classic and distinct… Full review

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