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Bending Branches Sunrise Glass

photo: Bending Branches Sunrise Glass kayak paddle


Price Historic Range: $84.96-$100.00
Reviewers Paid: $80.00


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Version reviewed: 230cm

This paddle has proven to be durable, efficient, and reliable over two full seasons of paddling 100+ days per year. It is a reasonably priced recreational paddle, with options for feathering. I would definitely recommend it for paddlers of canoes and kayaks, who are looking for a good basic paddle with positive performance and durability.


  • Comfortable to use
  • Three feathering options
  • Durable


  • The snap button ferrule can be tough to release

My Bending Branches Sunrise Glass kayak paddle will soon be put away for the winter, but I have no plans or need to replace it for next year's paddling. In my solo canoe, I have come to depend on this paddle for getting me safely and efficiently across flat waters, which may be mirror-like, or which may have gusty whitecaps. I carry both this double bladed paddle, as well as a bent-shaft canoe paddle in the boat, but I actually use the Sunrise paddle over 75% of the time.


The key point for me, when deciding on a paddle to use, is efficiency and comfort. Can I get where I need to go while maintaining good control of my boat, and in a manner that is as physically comfortable as possible? This paddle meets those requirements.

I use a 230cm length (it is available in lengths from 210 to 240cm), The two-part shaft is made of fiberglass, and is ovalized for comfort. I do use Yak Grips, to relieve pressure on a bad thumb, but even without such grips, the paddle is comfortable to hold while paddling,even against strong wind or current. The paddle has a reported weight of 35 oz.

The blade is oval, 89 square inches, made of polypropylene, and works efficiently passing through the water. I have used the paddle to get through some pretty heft winds, and I have found this paddle to be strong and efficient. The blade has met its share of rocks, gravel, and tree barely shows and signs of wear. And, the high-viz color helps me stay visible in fog or low-light conditions.

                                               6.75 x 18 inches oval blade


Bending Branches describes the snap-button ferrule as "snug fitting". Yes, I can confirm that. In fact, the only issue I have with the paddle is that sometimes it can be tough to release said button. The three feathering angles are 0 and 60 r/l . I tend to always use the paddle in straight (0 degree) orientation, but once the button is released, the paddle easily rotates to the feathered position, and snugly stays in the desired position. The paddle does come with standard sized drip rings.

This is not my only Bending Branches paddle, but it is the only kayak paddle of that brand that I own. As with their other paddles, I have found this to be reliable, durable, strong, and a good value. I can strongly recommend this paddle! (I have even found that it makes a good icebreaker paddle!)

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $80 on sale


Been considering adding a yak paddle to my equipment list for taking my Pack down the river or across the lake on days where I don't feel the urge to use my classic wooden single blade paddle. This looks like a great option. Thanks for the thorough review.

4 years ago
Sheila Bergin Goss BRAND REP

It is also easier for me to paddle with the dog while using a double bladed paddle...I like to carry both type paddles, because sometimes I just feel the need to paddle the wooden blade!

4 years ago

Great review and pictures, Sheila. Thanks!

4 years ago
Brad Dosch

Nice to live 15 minutes from the factory in Wisc....needless to say, we paddle with nothing but B.B. canoe and kayak paddles...(buy local!). Strong, durable, 'feels' good in your hands, and aesthetically beautiful. In the off season, when the water turns 'hard', we mount them on our walls; they are that beautifully crafted.

4 years ago

That's nice that you live so close to the factory, Brad. We'd love to read some reviews of your own BB paddles as well.

4 years ago

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