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Mountain Tent

rated 4 of 5 stars Bought second-hand in about 1981, for 40 quid if I recall. Used in all weathers, nothing fazed it. Apparently, in the original form the flysheet was optional! I bought this secondhand in about 1981 from a work colleague. It was the first tent I owned personally, and the start of a lifelong collecting habit (I think the current count is 12). It was used in a variety of places from the Lakes to Norway. Originally designed for high mountain, 4-season use, it was perhaps a bit of overkill, but I appreciated… Full review

Mountain Tent

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Wonderful for cold snowy weather. Believe was the tent for the 1920s Everest expeditions. I loved mine, but sooo heavy. Foolishly gave it to a friend!!! Wish I still had it!!! Wonderful historic mountain tent. Ideal for cold and snowy conditions. Just rather heavy. Able to stand up to quite severe winds. Loved it. Full review


rated 5 of 5 stars I just bought a Black & Edgington Tinker 2-man mountain tent. And set it up in the backyard. It is amazing....from the reviews I read this tent was THE tent back in its day. And to this day would still stand beside some of the more modern tents (Eureka, North Face, Vango) and whip their asses. It is made from Egyptian cotton and repels water amazingly....Mosquitoes also stay away form this fabric for some reason I'm not sure why. I sprayed the tent for a good 5 minutes with the hose and the… Full review

Mountain Tent

rated 5 of 5 stars Bought the tent in a Black and Edgington sale at Sidcup in 1969. The lads from the mountaineering club at Dartford Grammar picked up other types of tent. We all went off to Norway for a month on the Jostedal Icecap, mapping a surging glacier tongue (Tungsberg I recall). Then my new wife and I took off for Canada. Next summer went out to western Canada and the Rockies, along with our first child. Had a line squall in Salmon Arm. British Columbia. Only tent on the site left standing was the Mountain… Full review

Arctic Guinea ridge tent

rated 5 of 5 stars Mentioned this tent in my review of the Blacks Mountain tent. When I bought the Mountain tent for a ridiculously low price in a sale in 1969 I saw on the same day the Arctic Guinea. A classic-traditional old fashioned tent it oozed quality, character and plenty of room but it was, despite a reduction, expensive. Years later on a miserable February day I was looking through the local paper {nowt else to do} and I spyed an Arctic Guinea tent for sale at ¬£25. I phoned the seller straight way and he… Full review

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