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Pocket Stove

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Great lightweight stove that is inexpensive, efficient and compact. The solid fuel cubes burn hot and last quite a while, but will leave a bit of black residue on your pot. Setup:  Incredibly easy: unfold it, put the cube in, and light it. Ignition: Lights right up, and it burns fairly slow, so it's not scary to light or anything. Flame control: Lacks here, because the only thing you can do with regards to this is move the pot up or down one setting. Cooking: Wouldn't be the best for doing much… Full review

Pocket Stove

rated 5 of 5 stars Tight little stove. Same quality as the Esbit, but a couple of bucks cheaper. The casing is pocket sized. It will hold almost any pot or pan. The grids adjust and help flow heat in an optimum way. It is silver in color, similar to the Esbit, and its features are almost identical except for the name. It comes with fuel tablets that are orange, light up well, but smell fishy. You may need to use two tabs to boil more than a cup of water. The stove comes with its own built-in windscreen and can use… Full review

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The Bleuet/Campingaz brand is owned by Coleman.