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BMS Micro-Rack

rated 5.0 of 5 stars
photo: BMS Micro-Rack belay/rappel device


Price Reviewers Paid: $40.00


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The BMS Micro rappel rack is one of the best rappel devices for cave use. It lasts a long time due to the stainless steel construction.


  • Stainless Steel
  • Friction options
  • Smooth
  • Lighter weight and more compact than a 14" standard rack


  • Not as much friction control as a full size 14" rack
  • Weight compared to aluminum devices

Not many pieces of gear last in caving. This one does. After seven years I may have to replace a bar soon.

Not only does the device last, but it works very well. I have used it to rappel down countless deep cave systems, covered it in mud and sand, and it still works.

Source: bought it used
Price Paid: $40


Thanks for sharing this brand and device with us, Unknown Caver. I'd be curious to see a pic of your setup with the Micro Rack.

5 years ago

I appreciate the review, UC, and I wanted to comment with a general warning that microracks have a much higher risk factor than other rappelling devices. For that reason, I advise new people against using them. Most (not all) cavers I know who started using them have gone back to using a standard rack. Scott McCrea has a useful article on the risks of microracks:

5 years ago
Unknown Caver

Yes, G00SE, feeding is bad news with a rack. There was an accident with a standard 14" rack a couple years ago due to this. Pushing a loop of rope through the device allows bars to slide down and/or pop off. Proper training is imperative!

5 years ago

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