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Top-Reviewed Footwear for Hiking, Backpacking, and More

Proper, comfortable footwear can make the difference between outdoor adventure and outdoor agony. Save yourself the blisters. Find our top hiking, backpacking, and climbing shoes and boots, plus trail runners, sandals, and water shoes below.

Browse thousands of independent footwear reviews and ratings by real hikers, backpackers, mountaineers, climbers, paddlers, and trail runners to select appropriate, dependable, field-tested shoes for your next trip. And don’t forget the wicking socks, gaiters, insoles, and booties. Your dogs will thank and reward you.

photo of a mountaineering boot

Mountaineering Boots

photo of a backpacking boot

Backpacking Boots

photo of a hiking boot

Hiking Boots

photo of a trail shoe

Trail Shoes

photo of a approach shoe

Approach Shoes

photo of a trail running shoe

Trail Running Shoes

photo of a barefoot / minimal shoe

Barefoot / Minimal Shoes

photo of a climbing shoe

Climbing Shoes

photo of a sandal


photo of a water shoe

Water Shoes

photo of a winter boot

Winter Boots

photo of a bootie


photo of a ski boot

Ski Boots

photo of a sock


photo of a insole


photo of a winter traction product

Winter Traction

photo of a gaiter/overboot

Gaiters and Overboots

Reviews and product information will point you to quality outdoor footwear, but ultimately the most important aspect is a good fit. Here are some tips to help you properly fit hiking and backpacking boots:

Need more help? Read our Guide to Outdoor Footwear and The Wet Foot Test: Find Your Foot Type.