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Brunton Glorb LED Lantern

The Glorb LED Lantern has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best battery-powered lanterns for 2021.

photo: Brunton Glorb LED Lantern battery-powered lantern


Price Historic Range: $16.57-$39.95
Reviewers Paid: $30.00


6 reviews
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Very little usable light.


  • Too many to list.

Nice design, suprisingly dim, even on high power setting. Output is pretty-much like a candle. Not worth the money.

I bought my Glorb LED Lantern recently and have used it but once. But with its two light settings and how bright it is inside my tent, I have to say it is one of the lightest waterproof lanterns I have ever used.
Its 5.7"x 1.8", weighs 4 oz and is said to last 250 hours on four AA batteries. It also has a one year warranty.

It works by reflecting one to four LEDs upwards onto a inverted mirrored cone. It, like most lanterns has a lanyard to hang it or three retractable legs to stand it on its base. It's black with a rubberized body.
I give it 5 stars...

Source: bought it new

Well I love it! I'm not trying to light up the whole campsite - just a table, rock, or my tent. Plus for $30 you can get 3 of them for the same price as a Liberty. 250 hrs burn time, no fires to use precious gas, small, light, and you can find AAAs anywhere.

Price Paid: $30

Looks neat but not worth a dime. Totally useless. The reflective mirror in the top blinds you without distributing any usable lite.

Very disappointed with this device except for its looks, which are very nice. It is a great concept, but really does not provide anywhere near useful amounts of light. I will be returning it.

Price Paid: $30

Pros: Looks great

Cons: Doesn't do its primary job well

This is a great looking lantern which seems really well designed, but, the leds are are obstructed by the reflectors that were designed more with elegance than utility in mind it seems.

The lighted area is a narrow circular band around the lantern, insufficient for any use. A single led flashlight (I have a Dorcy Keychain FL) seems to do a better job. I would like to see this lantern redesigned to make better use of the light output. I do think about 8 to 12 leds would better too.

Price Paid: $30

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