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Brunton Lucy Lantern

The Lucy Lantern has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best fuel-burning lanterns for 2021.

photo: Brunton Lucy Lantern fuel-burning lantern


Price Historic Range: $28.77-$72.95
Reviewers Paid: $45.00-$50.00


5 reviews
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4-star:   2
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Bought this item to replace my Primus EasyLite because I kept breaking globes on my ATV camping trips. Doesn't give out the equivalent light output stated or what the Primus gave out, but it is a great product, very light weight, very durable, compact, and fuel efficient-which is important when operating isobutane appliances. Also you can use Coleman #51 slip-on mantles (and to be honest, I think they give more lite output than BRUNTON cheaper!).

One more thing that will impress you, I also use my lantern to boil my MSR kettle while I'm cooking on my BRUNTON Raptor isobutane stove! If you can get the BRUNTON can stand, buy it...keeps your canister out of the snow and water (which will affect the operation of your appliance) and it also stabilizes it in any conditions. Hope this helps.

Price Paid: $49.99

This is a great little lantern. And yes you have to pre-burn the mantle before you put on the mesh globe. After the globe is on and you fire this baby up I think it is perfect. Why but why must every camper light up their campsite and the next several. I truly think it is rude to have a lantern that is so bright it affects someone else's personal space.

The light given off by the Brunton is perfect for the trail. Heck I started out with candle lanterns. And I thought that they did a great job.

In closing this lantern does exactly what it is supposed to do, provide adequate light to camp by.

Happy Trails!

Price Paid: $45

The lantern is lightweight and extremly compact. It comes with a great carrying case. It is bright enough to light up a picnic table.

The only thing that is really annoying is the mantle. It is extremly fragile. I went through five mantles in two days because they kept breaking. You have to put the mantle guard over the burnt mantle and one little touch and the mantle is broken.

Also, when I packed my lantern to move the mantle fell apart in the carrying case. I could not see the mantle standing up to high winds but I have not tested in high winds.

Price Paid: 53 CAD

This small lightweight lantern is really cool. It gives pretty bright light and it is compact when carrying. I've only used it once and it worked well except that my mantle got burned up. I think I just need to play with it more to see how I can prevent that from happening. Great for backpacking.

Price Paid: $50

For almost the same price I'd sugguest the Primus Easy Light over the Lucy which is a lot brighter. The Lucy has a 'questionable' 65W of output. Good thing is you can't break it.

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